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      Humbly Irrelevant


      Just because I sit in my garage, does that make me a shiny CAR?

      Or if I dream about Venus, does that make me a Goddess STAR?

      Just because I sit in the TV room, does that make me a TELEVISION SET?

      Or if I ascend Mount Everest, does that mean I’m as HIGH as I can GET?

      Thus, to take the analogy further — to make sure everything is properly DICED,

      Just because I sit in a Church pew on Sunday, does that ensure that I’m a Soldier for CHRIST?

      Just because I put on a nice facade, does that prove that I’ve Perfectly BEHAVED?

      And because I stated a belief in God, does that verify that I’m REALLY SAVED?

      Just because I do good works, does that make me better than ANOTHER?

      Or if I fall short in my worldly endeavors, does that negate me as a BROTHER?

      Just because I say my glass is half-cold while other Brethren see it as perfectly-CHILLED,

      Is either perspective wrong, or is it possible that both are Spirit-FILLED?

      These questions are posed to illuminate the following:

      •  To discern TRUTH from fiction
      • To extract feelings and hunches from God-given REVELATION
      • To separate REALITY from idealism
      • To differentiate between a RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ and man-made religion
      • To detach the CHRISTIAN MIND from the worldly perspective
      • To demonstrate how UNWORTHY we are and that we are only saved BY GRACE
      • To acknowledge that we are ALL sinners and in need of OUR SAVIOR

      Each of our minds, actions, responses, and perspectives are completely distinct / different / disparate / incongruent/ etc. Each of our characters are formulated from divergent socio-economic, psychological, environmental, physical, intellectual, and experiential factors.

      Thus, we must never be quick to judge others before we walk a mile in their shoes (which will probably be either too big or too small for our own feet). However, we must do everything possible to ensure that we attempt to reflect God’s Light onto others as much as we can so that they wish to know WHY we are WHO we are and HOW we got to that place of PEACE.

      God knows each and every one of our hearts, and He will Perfectly judge whether we are an old Yugo that needs to be chucked, or a shiny new Ferrari that drives up the Path and the Way to Heaven. The enterprise to edify others (who may be lacking) and to bring them to Salvation (if presented the opportunity) should be our Heavenly-thinking each and every day in we co-exist with in our Earthly-bodies.

      May God bless those who accept His Son; may Jesus walk with us through every moment of our deep, dark valleys; and may the Holy Spirit provide us daily with His Peace, Faith, and Hope that exceeds all understanding. The Trinity is unfathomable, but THEY are with us every step we take (no matter where we are walking or what kind of shoes we are wearing).


      Your pal,


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      So very true!  But with the caveat that Christ is Heaven’s gate alone.  And from the Father’s perspective He says:  Love me?  Love my Son!


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      John 16:27 “for the Father himself loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.” :prayer-hands:

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