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        Hello siblings,

        I was thinking the last few days that I am lucky I found a good church.

        The teaching is from the Bible. There are also a few people who seemed to be holy spirit filled although at the last Christmas party, from their conversation, I doubted that they were born again and thought they were just very kind people.

        Anyway, one of the pastors died 3 years ago. She was an amazing person and I along with others have grieved over her.

        They got a new female pastor to take her place. She seems friendly but sometimes I wonder……

        Last year, I was struggling to find a job and I asked her to please help me find someone from church who will help me and encourage me with my job search. she said she couldn’t find anybody. I asked if I can meet with her once a week for some encouragement. She told me she is not an employment counselor and has no experience in these things ( although I made it clear that I am not looking for someone who is experienced, I only needed encouragement )

        she sent me a text message later saying that she is willing to go with me to a doctor if I am having problems concentrating.

        I could not believe she offered to go with me to a doctor. I am an adult. If I go to a doctor, I always go by myself.

        anyway, recently I heard that another lady in church approached her with her problems and the pastor offered to go with her to a psychiatrist!

        the lady felt offended.  I don’t blame her.

        Also, this pastor goes to weddings and gatherings wearing ( almost a ) mini skirt!

        I am having a problem now. I prefer not to say what it is but the problem was caused by carelessness from the church. I am talking to the pastor about it. She sent me an email where she got defensive in her response and at one point even a bit sarcastic.  she also said “maybe we should end this email conversation”

        I feel a bit shocked by her behaviour.

        I needed to talk about it. thank you for reading this




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        This minister should have more compassion for her :rose: flock of believers, by listening, helping them and having other people minister individually on a one & one basis, when someone has problems, this minister may need prayer, sometimes ministers get to overwhelmed by doing to much. Pray for this minister and seek anyone else in the church who has a gift of helping, like a senior person who has plenty of time to talk. Maybe call the church and see what programs they have to counsel a believer that needs extra help coping with life problems. Not all churches offer this, but maybe they need to open up a program to do this for their people, you might recommend this. The days are becoming more evil now, we need more people in the church helping others. I will be praying for you to find the help you need and keep trusting Jesus to lift you up. Romans 8:28 says it all, God will work all things out for our good when we love him.

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          Thank you so much Vicky. I might talk to one of the senior pastors.

          these days are getting more evil. It is getting scary out there.

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