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        Keep Watching and Pray :: By Daymond Duck
        Published on: March 17, 2019 by RRadmin7 Category:Daymond Duck, General Articles
        First, in mid-Feb. 2019, it was reported that Syria doesn’t really exist anymore because Russia, Iran and Turkey are dividing up Syria and discussing a new name for the nation.

        On Mar. 7, 2019, Debka File reported that Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) forces abducted Syrian Pres. Assad in late Feb. 2019.

        IRGC troops put Mr. Assad on an Iranian plane and flew him alone (without his staff or security forces) to a military base in Iran.

        He had a brief meeting with Iranian Pres. Rouhani, who accompanied him to a meeting with the Ayatollah Khamenei, where he was forced to bow down and swear allegiance to Iran.

        According to the report, Vladimir Putin was very upset with what happened.

        Russia’s disagreement with Iran won’t prevent Russia and her allies from attacking Israel, but it serves as a reminder that Russia and her allies will fight each other in the Battle of Gog and Magog.

        Second, in late-Feb. 2019, resolutions were introduced in the U.S. House and Senate to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

        The resolutions passed, and it was reported that Pres. Trump will probably make it official.

        Russia, Syria, Iran and others quickly objected, probably for at least two reasons: One, they want the Golan Heights for an attack on Israel, and Two, a large deposit of oil has been found in the Golan Heights that they want.

        On Mar. 7, 2019, it was reported that Syria’s Deputy Foreign Min. told a UN official, “Syria will attack Israel if it does not leave the Golan Heights.”

        Prime Min. Netanyahu has said Israel will never give back the Golan Heights.

        It is easy to see how this could lead to war between Israel and Syria and also to the Battle of Gog and Magog.

        A question for many is this: will Syria and some of her allies try to retake the Golan Heights before the U.S. recognizes that area as part of Israel.

        Third, for some time now, there have been reports that Iran and her allies are establishing forces that are facing Israel along the Golan Heights.

        Some believe Iran is building up her forces in Syria as part of a soon-coming effort to try to capture the Golan Heights.

        It has even been suggested that Iran kidnapped Mr. Assad to make sure he cooperates, and if he had refused, his trip to Iran might have been a one-way trip.

        On Mar. 4, 2019, the U.S. announced the deployment of our THAAD anti-missile system (one of the most advanced in the world) and 200 troops to Israel.

        This system will be tied into Israel’s anti-missile defense system.

        The U.S. and the Israeli Air Force will conduct a joint training drill on how to use this anti-missile system for the defense of Israel against Iranian missiles.

        Pres. Trump is also trying to build up U.S. forces in Iraq in case there is a problem with Iran, but he needs permission from the Iraqi government to do that, and the permission is currently being denied.

        Fourth, probably at the urging of Iran, the PA and Hamas are causing trouble for Israel everywhere they can; charging the fence on the border between Israel and Gaza, flying explosive-laden balloons into Israel, firing rockets into Israel, causing trouble in the jails, demonstrating on the Temple Mount, etc.

        If they don’t stop it, Prime Min. Netanyahu is threatening to launch a major military operation.

        That is something he doesn’t want to do because it will tie up troops and weapons that he may need along the Golan Heights.

        Fifth, on Mar. 3, 2019, it was reported that the Jewish Sanhedrin has published an open letter to Pres. Trump about his peace plan.

        Among other things, they told him peace treaties that are contrary to the will of God will not bring peace, and they urged Pres. Trump and his Administration not to present a peace plan that ignores Israel’s rights to the Promised Land.

        They said if Pres. Trump acts according to God’s principles, he and the U.S. will be blessed.

        Pres. Trump is getting an earful from his faith advisors, the Jewish Sanhedrin, Israeli officials and others about the danger of dividing the land of Israel.

        Right now, it looks like anything can happen.

        There is a chance that Pres. Trump’s peace proposal will fail and, perhaps, a slim chance that it will be accepted.

        As for all of these things, keep watching and pray.

        Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
        Daymond & Rachel Duck

        Fair use for educational and discussion purposes


        Keep Watching and Pray :: By Daymond Duck

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          Wow, I had goose bumps reading Daymond Duck’s latest update and scenarios!   It’s all coming together beautifully.   Thank you for posting it NFJF.

          Soon VERY VERY soon :flyup:

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            I love reading Daymond Duck articles. They are alway full of information and he keeps his articles short and to the point.

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              Thanks  NoFearJustFaith–  We  now have you as our  own club  news reporter and  it seems to be  a  vaild news source!  I was looking on  other jewish news websites today on Purim eve to see if any  trips by foreign dignitaries were going to show up in Israel for the Purim   festival– to my surprise the United States   Secretary of State Pompeo  is in Jerusalem!!

              But I do not see Jerad Kushner who had already made a trip to the middle east  in February 2019– So who could be the mystery man that the Rabbis say will be anointed on the feast of Purim!!

              Of course these Bible codes that show this event can have a credibility problem-since  who  out there has ever checked the success rates of the bible codes being accurate on there hidden messages!

              But still there are Rabbis in Israel who have made  Messianic claims that something prophetic will take place on this Purim feast on or around March 20, 2019!

              Also some watchers have had visions  of seeing a major Earthquake taking place on Purim or  on March 20, 2019!!  I tend to doubt many of these visions because of their weak track records!!!

              But still we should WATCH and PRAY– until that DAY–WHEN we will fly away——–/

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                  I just read an article … Mike Pompeo was attending a summit today with Bibi, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to announce … the EastMed Pipeline that will run from Israel through Cyprus and Greece into Europe.

                  :popcorn   The hook is forming …

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                  Maybe it’s the Jumpin’ Jack Flash pipeline.  It’s a gas!

                  I almost made it a whole day without posting anything, then here at the 11th hour out pops the usual nonsense.  My apologies. (I guess — if I were truly repentant I’d just do Ctrl-A then DEL, or just not press Submit.)

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                      :mdrmdr:  very funny!   I didn’t know that song existed … had to Google it and the irony its sung by The Rolling Stones.    As we are anxiously waiting for “dead in Christ” grave stones to get rolled away so we all can take that one last jumpin flash leap and then slowly fly away ….

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                      Looks like events are heating up and we are hearing the war drums beating. My guess is it shall intensify until May/June when the war begins.

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                        The hearts and intentions of men and nations are being revealed.  As well as their many sins.

                        Praying that Trump will continue to be used by God! And that Bibi continues as well.


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                          There is a new update from Amir Tsarfati that Trump just recognized that the Golan Heights belongs to Israel.

                          How significant is that?

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                              This is HUGE! :yahoo:    I wouldn’t at all be surprise if a large earthquake takes place and the Lord tips the earth and all the oil fields of Syria drain over into the Golan.  Then Israel announces they struck more oil and that makes the G/M armies to set their sights on the land to try to take spoil.



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                              I am not getting this: The US acknowledges that the Golan heights belongs to Israel, then that’s it. End of the story? Doesn’t matter if all other countries disagree?

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                                  Correct it doesn’t matter if the other countries disagree because the UN is anti-Israel and sides with the muslims nations.  How ironic the announcement occurred on the Day of Purim. :whistle:

                                  This announcement will antagonize the G/M armies in Syria to attack …

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                                  I think there are few reasons for the next middle east war to happen. First, after 7 years of civil war, Assad desperately needs the money to rebuild his country and pays back Russia. The large oil deposit in Golan Height should allow him to do that. Second reason is the gas pipeline Israel is proposing with Cyprus and Greece. This shall create a competition with Russia’s gas export to Europe and may cause a drop on their gas price. Third is Iran’s hostile to Israel has become a reality because this is the first time they can actually start a war geographically with Israel by using Syria as a springboard. Fourth is Trump’s recognition of Golan Height as Israel’s territory. Assad with the backing of Iran and Russia may start some skirmish near Golan Height to assure his sovereignty over the land. His calculation may eventually lead to a full blown war with Israel.

                                  Under any normal assessment, Assad will not and cannot go to war with Israel after his army suffers huge loss since the civil war began. But who knows, God has sent a lying spirit to king Ahab’s prophets, and enticed him to go to war and died in the battle, God may do the same thing to Assad.

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