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      Each time we express our love for one another we express it as unto the Lord!  Though we are all separated by time and space we are filled with the knowledge that Christ died for each of us!

      For most of the body of Christ shall not meet until we are in the air, only then shall we marvel at how great and encompassing is His love.

      Through the wonders of technology, we can share ourselves with each other, even then only in part.  And though our vision is dim, we can see His light breaking forth.  For He is the light of the world!

      How fortunate I am that I can see His light in each of you here! :rose:

      This is not a Holy Ghost bless me club, but a love fest!  Let us all rejoice and be glad in this day the Lord hath made. :popcorn

      It is for this opportunity that I thank God for each of you, and for RITAN. I love the posters and the lurkers, and God knows who you are! :rose:


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