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      I can not even begin to say how much joy this sites return brings me.  I never stopped  feeling like I lost family when the site closed in this format.  I pray the closeness  and love that was overflowing on this forum returns and grows. I have missed reading and posting with the RITAN family I found on the past site. To all those here before and all who come new I feel so blessed you are here. May we all find brothers and sisters in Christ here to aid us in so many ways as we look to the day the Father calls us into the air to be with Him forever.

      Love in Christ

      Your brother Blake


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      Hi Blake! Welcome back!

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      Hi Blake and everyone!

      I want to second your post, I agree wholeheartedly and I am so excited to come back and fellowship with all my friends and mentors on this site! I am looking so forward of having this place to come to daily again as we watch for our Blessed Hope.

      Blake, I have thought and prayed over your health issues and I hope that you are doing well. :rose:

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      Carol Ramirez

      I ditto your sentiment Blake!  Amen and amen! :good:

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