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      J. D. Farag Prophecy Update



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      Great update thank you for posting it! :good:

      I’m pondering this interesting statement that was made in the comment section and perhaps getting a 3 day notice?  But then … wasn’t it Pentecost that the Age of Grace (Church Age) began?  Your thoughts?

      From Norman Labelle

      TO CONSIDER: – A PROPHETIC LINK BETWEEN (Acts 9:1-18) and (Isaiah 17:1). On Paul’s journey, on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-18), he saw a light and was struck blind for 3 days. He was taken to Damascus where the veil was lifted from his eyes, and the age of grace began. When Damascus will be totally destroyed and cease to be a city (Isaiah 17:1), the road leading to it will also be destroyed and cease to exist. This very road which led to GRACE will also cease. There will be no going back to this age of grace. At the end of the age of grace, it’s the rapture of the Body of Christ. Is this event, (the destruction of Damascus), the trigger signaling our departure? Inversely, will the veil over our eyes be lifted, on or 3 days before or after (the destruction of Damascus) to meet and see our Messiah in all His light and glory in the clouds? The termination of Damascus (the termination of the age of grace) will leave us no exit road out – our only exit will be up. When this rapture event happens, we (the restrainer), the only light that was left to illuminate the world, will be taken out of the way, caught up. The world will no longer have light. Darkness will reign. The anti-Christ will be introduced and Jacob’s trouble (the 7-year tribulation) will begin. Look up folks, our redemption is at hand. Our blessed hope is about to become reality!

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      I found it very interesting that he brought up the topic of warnings and he seems to be searching for an answer to this as we all are. Do we have a biblical basis that supports some sort of early rapture sign for those watching? Anyone have thoughts on this?

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        Tom started a thread on March 8th called  “What is God’s M.O.”

        The thread is located on the main board but you need to tab over to page 7.   Some believe we will have a 3 day warning or more and then some, like Yohanan, don’t believe we will be getting any warning notice but feels it will occur on some Wednesday since that is for Jewish weddings. :-(      Also in the discussion are various thoughts of how we think we will be notified that its finally time to fly away. :flyup:

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