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      Humbly Irrelevant

      I’m tired of the professing heathen who claim to believe, but Jesus will spew them out of His mouth (Revelation 3:16).  No matter how much they talk, Jesus has never known them.  They are after their own interests, not the Will of God. We all know them, we have to deal with them, we have to live with them, we have to work with them, we have to suffer their insults, we have to endure their condescending attitudes, we have to tolerate their political-correctness — but Brethren, we don’t have to be of them!  We are only saved because of Jesus, not because of ourselves.  We understand that, but the lost does not.




      You ask them if they’ll accompany you to church,

      And they nicely refuse to get into the car,

      They are on their way to bet their savings,

      On the horse races down at Del Mar.


      They won’t hear the sermon today,

      Their emotions will not be stirred,

      And they again will lose another chance,

      For their heart to receive The Word.


      They say that they once headed “The Call”,

      Down the alter they strode,

      But at the end of that very service,

      The Holy Spirit could still find no abode.


      I’m tired of hearing their idleness of words,

      Their contrived belief means nothing to me,

      Until they ultimately believe in the sacrifice of Jesus,

      They will always be captives who are never set free.


      We’ve all met them,

      They utter their lame professions,

      But their hearts are never repentant,

      And don’t believe their half-hearted confessions.


      They encompass every faction of society,

      We’re outnumbered and surrounded,

      And you would be shocked at what they are really thinking,

      They will be lost as the Last Trumpet is sounded.


      We’ve all heard them say “I’ll pray to the Lord”,

      But that is anything but true,

      They are blinded by their own self-lusts,

      On the “Highway-to-hell” without a clue.


      Loving the Lord is more than idle words,

      It is a heart-felt desire within,

      The Holy Spirit can only commune,

      With a body that is cleansed from all of its sin.


      Jesus cleanses us, Jesus saved us, and Jesus will rapture us!!  Words do not suffice – only a purity of heart. Come Lord Jesus — today please!!

      Humbly saddened and Irrelevantly angry


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      Well said!  Save us oh Lord from our afflictions and this evil GOD Hhating world!  TR

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      This is kinda unrelated to your post, but I found myself, Humbly, getting angry and even finding expletives peppered into my speech several weeks ago, incensed about what is being foisted onto the whole world by this new order and their wanton destruction of lives.  It felt like I was losing objectivity.  Kinda like Darth Vader saying, “Luke, give in to your anger.  Strike me down!!!”

      Maybe it’s only my “angerophobia,” that sent my mind scurrying to Scripture looking for relief and keying in on the word “anger.”  If you would like to see a very very long list, type in “anger” (or KJV “wrath”), into your Bible search box.  Anyway, what I am content with, and I thank God for my take-away advice, was James 1:19-20; to wit, “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”

      That resonates with me, an angerophobic guy. By the way, I noted that in the end our anger is not prohibited.  Phew! :prayer-hands:

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      Ditto brother!  Indeed a fine line between divine anger against evil!  I happen to easily get triggered by stupid!

      But just as NWO utilizes division and distraction to divide and conquer.  As in the hate campaign against Trump which is totally trumped up, to keep our attention from what is devised behind closed doors for our destruction!


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      Milquetoast?  Is that like French Bread?  Maple syrup,  blueberries and a dusting of powdered sugar?  Sign me up! ;-)

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      Humbly Irrelevant

      MyWhiteStone — I’m right there with you!

      When I ask myself what Jesus would do in most situations, I usually know that He would turn the other cheek and not let anger get to Him like it gets to me.  But then again, I know that His righteous anger is documented in Matthew 21:12-13  whereby he overturned the 300+ pound tables of the money-changers. Jesus was not a wimp in any way, shape, or form!



      You do not want to be signed up to the Milquetoast Society– which contains very timid, unassertive, spineless people, especially ones who are easily dominated or intimidated and only want to avoid problems.   Continue to stay strong and avoid those that shrivel when the storm hits.



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      Yes.  Jesus was a man’s man.  Tough as nails.  If you’ve ever seen the rocky terrain around the Sea of Galilee that Jesus walked through,  you can really appreciate how tough he is.

      Not to mention everything he went through in his last day before the crucifixion.  Jesus is no skinny surfer dude.



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