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      So every morning through the week we have the alarm set to go off so that we can start our workdays. I have been in the habit for sometime to set the clock 20 minutes before we actually have to be up so that I can hit the snooze button. I am sure that whoever developed the snooze button had me in mind…lol

      I have my alarm clock set on a local Christian radio station so that I can wake up hearing praise about Jesus, and keep my sleepy head from making my grumpy.. :mdrmdr:    but often it truly does help me get a better outlook of my day.

      This morning the first song that played was a song that reminds me of my Brandi, the song is “Who You say I am” and she loved it. The alarm went off and the song was in the middle but I heard the complete line “I’m a child of God, yes I am”.

      Then I hit the snooze button already smiling because I am thinking of my girl- the next song was Rejoice and it was also in the middle of the song so when the alarm went off again what I heard was “there’s a better day coming I know”.

      and yes I hit the snooze button again :mdrmdr:   but smiling even more :yes:

      but of course the best is always last….and the last song I heard was Chris Tomlin’s Home….and when the alarm went off I heard ” I’m going home where the streets are golden and every chain is broken , oh I want to go, oh I want to go home” and after that I got up, with a smile on my face and anticipatory joy in my heart.

      Some people may think, meh…coincidence….but not me, I have always felt the Lord’s encouragement in music, hearing just the right song at just the right time.

      and this morning  I heard….. I am a child of God, there’s a better day coming and I am going home.

      Hope that encourages you a bit this Monday as it did me :heart:

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      Thank you for that encouragement! It has been a really rough month in my sphere of the world and does not look to get any easier for several more months, so the reminder that we are soon to depart is a blessed encouragement.

      Personally, I detest alarm clocks and thankfully, after much prayer, the Father gave me an internal alarm clock that literally wakes me up every morning, so that I can faithfully shut the man-made thing off before it goes off. Even on my days off, I wake up at the same time, so the sleeping late thing left me decades ago and I am ok with that …. Funny thing, if I am sick (rarely happens), it does not wake me, the Father allows me to sleep and rest. Psalm 127:2 “It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.” — been my verse a long time.

      Again, thank you for the wonderful encouraging words to start the week! Appreciate you! :prayer-hands:

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        Will keep you in my prayers Tammie for the Lord to keep you through the difficulties until He calls us home….soon!!!

        That’s wonderful verse about rest, thanks for sharing that! Have a blessed day sis!

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