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      RITAN is set up a little different than before.  We had different forum categories on old RITAN, but all posts flowed through the Main Forum.  It is not like that on our new RITAN.  The forum categories have their own Topics and they do not flow through the Main Forum.  So when you come onto RITAN, be sure to check the different forum categories, not just the Main Forum.  You can see the most recent activity if you look to the right of your screen and see the “Recent Topics” and “Recent Replies.” It make sit easy and convenient to check out what is happening on all Forums.  There is some great discussions going on and I have really been enjoying them!


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      Rita Forums:


      Main Forum
      News You Can Use
      Just for fun / Laughter does the heart good
      Dreams and Visions
      Prayer Request and Prayers
      Natural Health
      Basic Teaching and Educational Material
      Poems and Poetry
      Timing of the Rapture or Tribulation
      Outside The Box
      Worship Videos

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