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      Todd Tomlinson

      I still just shake my head reading stories in main stream media – how crazy can this world get?   For the past 10 years I believed there would be a great revival in America – and hopefully there still will be – but it seems that we’re racing the other direction.    Come Lord and save us from this wretched place.  I want to come home….

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      Political relious ideologies indeed!


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      Paves the way for increased persecution now and during the tribulation which result in the loss of the head.
      You remember that saying by Forest Gump, “Momma always said, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re go’na get” —— except they started putting the names of those delicious morsels on the lids :wacko:

      But I do believe we are seeing this statement played out in MSM, you just never know what demonic craziness they’ll come up with next. :wacko:

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