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      Kolleen and I just watched Part 7 of The A.I. Invasion.  The whole series it seems was preached over twenty+ weeks.  Anyway we thought many of y’all might find the Artificial Intelligence systems current involvement in our lives interesting.  Things are already in place and the existing financial institutions and human powers are able now, before a “supernatural antichrist” is in control, to affect what is described in Revelation 13:7, “…so that no one can buy or sell…”  The antichrist can pretty much just put today’s capabilities into motion.  We’re really close!  Yesss!!

      Skip forward to 29:15 to the sermon.


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      Billy Crone is excellent. We are literally on the threshold of eternity. :flyup:

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      Amazing how the system is really all set up right now with the AI and just waiting for that world leader to take over … :popcorn

      No wonder they want to remove most of the population (useless eaters) they call us.

      They think their AI master plan is infallible … but they are clueless that God has other plans in stored when He shuts down the power grid globally. :mdrmdr:    I wonder how much time elapses between the 1st Angel vial judgment to 5th Angel vial judgment? B-)   A few days … weeks … a few months … 1 year?


      Revelation 16:2

      1st Angel poured out his vial … noisome and grievous sore upon those who took the mark of the beast …


      vs 9  5th Angel poured out his vial … the seat of the beast (AI ?) and his kingdom was full of darkness ….

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      Todd Tomlinson

      Interesting —

      ” The annual conference of the Society of Catholic Scientists (SCS2021) will be held on June 4-6, 2021, at the Washington DC Hilton.  It is open to all SCS Members, Student Members, Associates, Scholar Associates, and invited guests of the SCS Board.  The main theme of the conference will be “Extraterrestrials, AI, and Minds Beyond the Human,” though there will be talks and poster presentations on other topics as well.  Much more information can be found HERE. ”

      Fair Use for educational purposes only

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      Thanks for the notice, Todd.

      I think I read a few years back that the RCC debated, and then decided, they would indeed be willing to baptize an ET.  They probably would be unwilling to baptize a robot though, fearing it would likely void the warranty.

      Maybe by June 4 they will be able to feature a few surprising guest appearances — “…strange visitor(s) from another planet (he-he!) who came to earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men…”  And how fitting a place for their conference — Washington DC — at the very hotel where President Reagan was shot.

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      :flyup: :amen: :bible :yes: :flyup: :heart:

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      Love it Kolleen!


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