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      I find the articles by Alice Child to be comforting. I wanted to send her an email thanking her but I did not find her email on Rapture Ready.

      Here is her latest article and here is an excerpt:

      “So, looking at where we are today – right this minute, the stage is already set for ALL of these preparatory events to occur. If the rapture does take place simultaneously WITH these two conflicts, as this writer grows more and more convinced will be the case, then we, the Remnant Church, are right now on the threshold of glory!

      On May 17, 2019, Israeli forces hit several strategic strongholds in Damascus, Syria; and although Damascus has yet to be utterly destroyed in one night (made a “ruinous heap”), not to be habitable as per Isaiah 17:1, the utter destruction of Damascus that either precedes the Ezekiel 38-39 invasion into the Golan, or occurs together with the Ezekiel invasion, is already in the works. It’s just a matter of time.

      So get ready Church! Our Deliverer is standing by and our evacuation from the hell-hole, this fallen world, has become closer than “imminent.”

      Keep your eyes on Damascus, Syria, because the destruction of Damascus and the Ezekiel invasion are VERY close at hand; but before that (or in concert with these two events), WE GO HOME!!


      On the Eve of Destruction :: By Alice Childs

      This world is a hell-hole?!? Where is she getting this idea from? :scratch:

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      :agree  Looks like we could be seeing some action happening in Syria very soon.

      According to Amir’s twitter …

      1 hr ago – Nearly 400 US lawmakers call for strategy on #Syria and to protect #Israel. Bipartisan call for action against growing terror in the region; #Congress calls on President #Trump to safeguard Israel’s interests.

      19 hrs ago – #US State Department: “Unfortunately, we continue to see signs that the #Assad regime may be renewing its use of #chemical weapons, including an alleged #chlorine attack in northwest #Syria on the morning of May 19, 2019”

      -Fair use-

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      Thank you, Geri

      I hope and pray that we are on the edge of glory! :prayer-hands:

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      I hope the lord hurries, I’m afraid of heights. Standing this close to the age of glory, makes me want to hurl!


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      Right! Sometimes in my prayer time or when I am awakened by the Lord to pray, I feel that sense of being on the very edge of eternity. It is almost like my whole self is just a breath away, you can almost hear heaven’s sounds. The longing for my heavenly home is so powerful, tears flow.

      With all the converging signs it becomes a symphony of fulfillment of God’s design and we are such a privileged generation to witness all of it. Cherish each moment as you will not pass this way again is the constant message my heart holds. :yahoo: :prayer-hands: :flyup:

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      Thank you for sharing Tammie. Very comforting.

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