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      J.B. Hixson -fair use for education/comment-

      I’m not sure if someone has ever posted this video or this preacher/teacher before, but i really appreciated this organized summary of the Believer’s experience vs. those left here because they did not accept the Truth of the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus the Messiah…i really loved this teaching and hoped y’all will too and might share it to teach someone especially who only has a vague idea of all of this…he fills in the blanks so nicely w/ tons of information summed up in a relatively (for what he covers) short amount of time- i split it into two days of watching…and i cut off few minutes of intro on here for yall…

      anyway, i wasn’t sure where to put this, so i made a new thing, but please feel free to talk about own ideas more specifically in relation to literally one minute after…actually- i think we may’ve had a thread like that…i can’t ever get anything to show up on searches though…so, i’m sorry if i needed to find that & add this to it…guess someone can link it if they know…

      also, this is from 2017…so, just think how much closer we’ve come…so much i never woulda thought we’d see is going on now…i know it’s just God’s grace that He is allowing so much to line up ahead of time- it can strengthen our faith and it can cause some to seek Him, call on the Name of Jesus and be saved…He knows what He is doing…and He is good!

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      Throughout eternity we shall remember the Rapture, and rightly so for a bride in waiting!


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