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      Kenneth K Pon

      Lots of times prophecy is cryptic until it is fulfilled. Then we look back at the prophecy and exclaim how obvious it is now that it is fulfilled. Such it is with the first part of Pastor Coverstone’s dream of August 17, 2020 (at least to me :-)).
      Here is an excerpt of that dream:

      Dream 9 transcript:
      August 17, 2020
      The finger appeared and circled November 3rd continuously in a clockwise direction and suddenly changed to counterclockwise and these images began to appear.
      Then I saw a Conestoga wagon, think of Little House on the Prairie, and Kamala Harris was driving the wagon led by two mules, but Joe Biden was not riding beside Kamala Harris but on one of the far left mules and at her side was a mechanical box that could trigger dynamite like you see in the Wily E Coyote movies where you push down and it blows up. The trigger was in an upright position. The wind started blowing the back of the wagon open and in the back was Civil War type cases of dynamite like in the late 1860s or 1870s. Most of it was in cases stamped “dynamite” but there was some loose ones in an open wicker basket, which didn’t fit the timeline.
      Harris began to whip the mules, hitting Biden as well but he was unaware of it. The mules started heading toward a target picking up speed.
      This is where I saw Hillary Clinton standing behind Trump on his knees. She was wearing like a Wilma Flinstone dress that wasn’t finished with patches and seams with strings and no collar like it didn’t fit her properly. She had a very ugly gawdy ring on her index finger and it looked like it had blood on it. She had a skeleton key hanging from her neck. She had Trump on his knees with a Roman gladius knife held to his left side of his throat and the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face and the key looked like it had blood and black mold all over it and it looked like it left a Nazi symbol on her shirt where it was banging up against her shirt. I’m not saying she’s a Nazi, I’m just saying the key left that symbol on her shirt like it was tainted and stained black and red and ugly gaudy.
      The wagon starts picking up speed and they are heading toward Clinton and Trump. Hillary’s face was giddy but next to her leg was an animal trap like a bear trap. Suddenly Trump grabs the key with his left hand and pulls it down and with his right hand he hits Hillary in her face in the chin and she dropped the knife and steps back and Trump began to run off quickly. Then Hillary steps into the trap and she tries to get out and get the knife but she can’t. As Trump runs, he goes toward his car called the beast and I hear three handgun shots fired and a secret service agent steps in and gets shot by one bullet, and another agent gets shot by a second bullet, and a third secret service agent jumps in front of the third bullet and then he gets into the beast and at that moment I saw secret service agents surround the beast but instead of normal AR15s, they were equipped with muskets and none of them were wearing their sunglasses and they were all standing around the car looking out with the muskets held up watching while the car moved slowly.
      Hillary tried to pull her leg out of the trap but she couldn’t and suddenly the wagon struck her and there was a huge explosion and throws the carcasses of the mules on top of the building rubble and smoke was coming off of them like they were being grilled. And Biden was down in the middle of the street with wheel tracks on his back with vultures sitting on his head.
      I’m not trying to make fun or disrespect anyone in political leadership at this moment. Those that know me know how I feel about certain leader but I still pray for them.
      Harris was crying in disbelief and her tears were the size of quarters, like quarters were coming out of her eyes.
      There was a huge hole in the ground and buildings were collapsed.

      My observations:
      The finger went clockwise on November 3. We know of the phrase “righty tighty, lefty loosey.” The finger was saying that the election would go “right” and then go “left.” That’s exactly what happened on November 3. It appeared Trump was winning (clockwise) by hundreds of thousands of votes when we went to bed. But by morning, something strange happened and Biden ended up in the lead. The finger had gone left (counterclockwise).
      In the next section we see a Conestoga wagon. In early America, Conestoga wagons were used to settle the West. So this part of the dream is saying that it is “settled” that Biden and Harris have won the race and are headed toward Washington to settle there. Kamala Harris seems to be the one who is really in charge as she is holding the reins while Biden is riding on a mule and Harris is carelessly hitting Biden with the whip.
      In the wagon were “Civil War”-like cases of dynamite. The period of the American Civil War was a period of extreme divisiveness– racial, political and economic like today. I believe that the cases of dynamite were for the destruction of institutions such as patriotism, Christianity, second amendment rights, capitalism, marriage, family values, etc. The single sticks of dynamite in the basket were for individuals. Targets could be Donald Trump and other patriots or representatives of the aforementioned institutions. But the sticks didn’t fit the timeline because the individuals would be targeted later when things settled down.
      It is interesting that mules were pulling the wagon. Many might miss this detail. Mules are hybrids of donkeys and horses. Horses are more powerful and speedier than donkeys. This might signify that the party that pulled Biden and Harris to a false victory was a hybrid of your granddad’s Democrat party (donkey) and outside parties that were more powerful than the Democrat party alone. Maybe China, Iran, Russia and billionaire individuals could be the “horses” that helped to form the hybrid party.
      Next we see Hillary Clinton with a knife to Trump’s throat. Clinton is representative of a Jezebelic demon and spiritual corruption. Wilma Flintstone attire just means that it is an ancient spirit. The Nazi symbol is obviously a reference to the socialism which is being foisted on American society. When you read about the original Queen Jezebel in I Kings, you see that this Jezebelic spirit is representative of a host of evil characteristics– lying, manipulation, bearing false witness to get people killed, covetousness, baby sacrifice, occultism, inducing a spirit of blindness, and inducing a spirit of fear. We see the work of these two last characteristics in the Covid debacle. People are blinded to real science and are stampeded by fear.
      The skeleton key we see around Clinton means that she has accessed many areas. I believe it to include areas in government such as the 3-letter intel agencies, Congress, Supreme Court, the mainstream and social media, educational institutions, the medical establishment– pretty much everywhere, including the church.
      Trump, on the other hand, represents more than the man Trump. He is the patriot who cares about America and the Constitution. He is also the institutions that made America great and the God-ordained republic . He isn’t perfect in the same way that America isn’t perfect. But he generally follows and fears God and His desires and is blessed by God. He blesses Israel and so is blessed himself according to Deuteronomy. He is the man who wants what God wants for this nation.
      Things look dire for a time. The nation who is on God’s side has to brace itself for this period where it appears that evil has the upper hand and a knife to the republic’s throat. But then Trump yanks on the skeleton key and unbalances Clinton causing her to be caught in her own trap. The skeleton key that allowed evil to permeate the USA’s institutions is being used against the evil itself. When one considers what the skeleton key is, it becomes clear that the same people who allowed the corruption to penetrate will be the same people who expose the corruption. That is, people embedded within organizations who allowed the evil to enter whether through bribery, extortion, hyper-partisanship, misguided morals, etc, will become whistleblowers. Many will do so out of remorse while others will turn others in through survival. There truly is no honor among thieves.
      Hillary Clinton being caught in a bear trap is highly symbolic when one considers that Russia is represented by the bear. Could this mean that after all the years Trump was being prosecuted for a false Russia collusion narrative, Hillary Clinton will herself be caught in a Russia collusion? Remember her selling America out by selling our uranium reserves to a Russian agency.
      The next scene shows Trump running to the Presidential limousine (the Beast). It appears that there will be three assassination attempts on his life but the Secret Service stops them all. That a Secret Service man steps in front of each bullet does not necessarily mean that anyone dies. But it is possible that someone is hurt or is even killed protecting Trump. Muskets held by the Secret Service evoke the Revolutionary War days. Perhaps the Secret Service guarding Trump are loyal and reminiscent of the original patriots. That the limousine drives off slowly seems to indicate that Trump’s hold on the Presidency is finally secured; there is no need to rush away from danger.
      All the plans of Biden, Harris and the hybrid Democrat Party suddenly blow up. Does Kamala Harris push the plunger down herself without realizing the magnitude of the repercussions to herself and others? It is not clear in this dream if she does but it is hard to imagine the plunger going down by itself and she is the closest to the plunger. We do see that the hybrid Democrat Party (the smoldering mules)is destroyed. The fact that Biden is dead with wheel tracks on him indicates that he fell to his death just prior to the wagon being blown up. Was he killed in the fall or was he trampled to death by the same conveyance that ushered him into Washington, D.C.? Is Harris mourning the loss of the money she could have made in her Vice-Presidency? So maybe things will go toward Trump’s reinstatement soon after Biden is deposed or dies.

      These are just what I see in Pastor Dan Coverstone’s dream. I’m sure I missed a lot of symbolism in this dream. I would welcome any corrections or additions.

      Blessings and Maranatha!

      Sorry I haven’t been posting or even liking posts lately. Been really busy with projects. But I have been reading your posts. I felt very compelled to post this.

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