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      Vicky’s watching

        I want you to know that each day as we get closer to Jesus coming, we are going to be persecuted more and more for just being a Christian. Of course Jesus told us it would happen, because of Him, but we are now seeing it happen in America, like other countries have been seeing for a long time.
        I have been commenting on Fox News on stories that helps me witness to others about Jesus love for them for 2 years now. I believed God wanted me to do this and I just planted seeds for people I could never meet in person. Well, last week, Fox News took off my comment area so I can’t say anything anymore, I emailed them about it and no reply for a week so far. I found out that Fox News is becoming more Liberal, which was a shock. Now, you may say, so what, but I say, God is revealing to us, Christians in America are about to be shut up, so much sin and lies are being told, that if your not in God’s word, you won’t know what the truth really is, in other words, deceived. Please get ready, we will see things we’ve never seen come together but we must defend our faith to the end.

        We know that we have the answer for human misery in this life and an eternity in hell in the next. To not share that cure with others, as Jesus commands us to do, Matt 28:18-20, would be like knowing the cure for cancer and refusing to share it with the rest of the world. We can’t force our beliefs on anyone; all we can do is offer them the cure and pray they will accept it. If some see that effort as “imposing” our beliefs on others, that is a matter of their perception, not a reflection of reality. So be ready to answer, the way God would want you to do, I will, to the end, even if it means death.

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        David W. Roche

          Fox News is becoming increasingly “unbalanced.”  If they had any sense, they would realize going to the left means they have no reason to continue existing.  That’s probably too much to hope for.


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            Becoming both Unfair AND Unbalanced.  They kicked Judge Janine off the air, at least temporarily, for daring to question how the motivations of a Muslim congresswoman and her views of Sharia law comported with our Constitution.  Come Lord Jesus.

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              All those who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus shall be persecuted.  Not the most popular refrigerator magnet verse.  Just sayin’.

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                Vicky’s watching–High sister Vicky!  I seem to remember your  kind and beautiful face from the old Ritan website–did you go by another username back then–what good times we had back then—maybe some of the new days will be even better–maybe not even many days left!

                Pertaining to Christian Persecution coming to America–I would take that as  a big relief from what I have been put through in the last few years– that would be a  small pill to shallow—I have been through it all– In  fact man y times I would say to the Lord–Lord–These are trails that  should only be for those going through the tribulation period–I thought the Lord ran out of  all His  tool box  items which He could test me with– I was  stripped raw!!  But I never gave up–there were times I wanted to end it just to get away from this mess down here!!  But  as it pertains to Persecution–I would welcome it with open arms–bring it on devil!!!  My skin has been  made real thick through thick and thin–no matter what the shape I am now in–I am in it to win–until He comes again!!!

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                Vicky’s watching

                  Scott, I hardly was on RITAN back in the old days saying anything, but I read a lot of what people were saying and I loved it. I remember Littlest Soldier waiting for Jesus and hoping Jesus would come then, but of course God has His own timing for Jesus’s return.

                  Now, as I’m speaking more for Jesus, and it’s during the time that the devil is wanting us to shut up about our Lord and our love for Him. It’s made me see what Jesus went thru when He was here, so terrible when you love someone and they won’t listen. But, when we see Jesus face, this will all be over with, no more pain, no more tears, no more people throwing stones in our face because of our faith. We love everyone, but they don’t know that, just like Jesus loved,  they just want to nail us to the cross with Jesus. But God’s word and His Spirit are such comfort, I know we will make it to the end of this race. Praying we can continue to speak, but not letting any stones bring us down. :rose:

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                    Give em heck, Sis! No that’s God’s job!


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                      Fox is the best news source for Christians at this point in time and “Plain and Simple” It always been.

                      And it sure isn’t Christian hating CNN or MSNBC the deranged Bill Maher or lunatic Chris Matthews or the make up as we go Joe Scarborough. Talk about strait Hate Mongers. And dont even get me started on Rachel Maddow and her LBGT agenda.

                      Fox may not be perfect but they are not strait opinion pieces like the New York “Joke” Times or the Washington “Amazon” Post.”  Judge Janine was strait on as far as I’m concerned. Islam treats women worse than pets in some countries.

                      Everyone in the world can give their open opinions about Christians but when someone states almost fact about Islam and how they treat women they’re Racist. Thats why Janine was taken down. Liberals overwhelm news sources just like they did Meghan Kelly who made reference to Black Faces but Jimmel Kimmel does Black face skits all of time.

                      There’s no equal standard.  If your liberal and you do it. Its ok. If your Republic and you say it your Racist or a White Supremacist. What a joke!

                      I tell you what? There’s no scripture to back this up but I wouldn’t doubt if God judges the porn capital of the world “California,” the most corrupt governmental state in the union and almost bankrupt Illinois or the mob capital of the world New York where there is no liberty.

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