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        My brothers and sisters I need your prayers. I am in a desperate need of a new doctor. My last doctor quit sold his practice. The Doctor I had first passed away after 17 years of care. I need to find a doctor lead by Christ to care for me. I am disabled and not doing well. The new practice  that bought  my last doctors practice is a national company , new people every month and not caring of even talking to patients. If you could be so kind to pray I can find the right doctor to help me. Your prayers are greatly needed as I can not be without help I need monthly.

        Thank you for prayers

        Bless everyone of our family in Christ

        Love in Christ


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          Praying for you Blake – that you are led to an honest/caring/knowledgeable Christian doctor and that he also doesn’t charge a lot.

          Also that you’re pain free.


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            Praying in agreement with Geri, Blake!  It’s so important to receive medical care from someone who is being guided by the wisdom of God if at all possible.  If not, I pray that God’s direction will still flow through that person and you will get the help you need each month.  I understand, Blake, as I have been plagued with one medical crisis after another the last several years.  He will bring you through, hold you close, till He appears to catch us away!  God bless you!


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              Prayers for you, brother!

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              agreeing in prayer with our fellow Believers in Christ- may God bless you with His peace and guidance… James 1:5 He’ll help you know His will for medical care

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                God bless all of you, your prayers to Jesus ears and his will be done in my life.

                Love in Christ Blake :prayer-hands:

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                  The Lord is on it Blake! Amen!


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                    Yes Abba, agreeing with my brothers and sisters on behalf of Blake.  Please lead him to a great physician.  Of course, none of us would complain if You sent THE Great Physician to pick us all up.  Just sayin’ Abba.  But until then, we ask for help on Blake’s behalf.

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                      I am praying for you Blake.

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                        Thank you Tenderreed and Heidi. Watchman35 nothing would make me more happy than all of us in the air with our Lord right now, bless all of you.  Several MRIs on Monday and a doctor, anesthesiologist on Tuesday. :groan   Much rather be in the air with Jesus.

                        Love in Christ


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                        One day soon, Blake7, you will be strengthened and healed miraculously by the Greatest Doctor ever…our very own Creator!  Until then I pray you find a new Dr. you like even better who goes the extra mile to relate and pay close attention to your needs.  Your Dr. that retired,  should’ve made suggestions for you before leaving.


                        I hear your groans and so does our Lord Jesus!  May He comfort, ease pain and help you to cope until our transformation occurs. May He send the right Dr. at this time.   I believe because of what you have suffered, you will be able to heal many one day soon.  There’s a reason we don’t know behind all of this .  Take care brother .  I’m lifting you up requesting an ease to your suffering, a healing, a patience beyond understanding and all fears removed in the Blessed Name of our Lord and His Precious shed Blood for us.  Amen

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