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      We thought Kolleen would be in and out today from surgery, but the schedule got bumped, delayed, and dragged out a few long hours later than it was to begin.  I finally saw her after surgery in recovery late this afternoon, but although the procedure reportedly had gone well, she was in a lot of pain, was having to have oxygen administered, she couldn’t move around yet, and the nurses and surgeon agreed it would be better if she stayed the night.  I expressed gratitude and agreed wholeheartedly.

      Sadly, when I left to come home she started weeping.  I felt like a deserter but she would be incoherent for another hour or two, would have to be moved from one end of the hospital to another wing, and although not having surgery myself, I still felt I had too little stamina left at the end of the day.

      Ideally I’ll bring her home and pamper her tomorrow late morning or early afternoon.

      Please pray for her pain, her healing, and for a sure and soon recovery.  And also that she and can get her into the house and seated without excess difficulty.

      Thanks!  God bless you all.  Kolleen’s precious!!  :heart: :rose:


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      Lifting up Kolleen before You Lord, asking for Your healing virtue to cover her!  May body, soul and spirit be comforted by You Lord!  May Dan’s love of his wife invite and extra measure of Your grace for her!  May you comfort and guard her as she sleeps and minister in the deep recesses of her soul!  May she and Dan feel Your abiding presence!  May Dan continue to lead her into the throws of Your heart Lord!  Grace and peace be given to each of them as well as an unspeakable abiding joy through this ordeal!  They love you Lord, please love on them!  TR

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      Lord bless Kolleen with healing, relieve her pain, give her the sleep as your beloved, and surround her with your heavenly host to protect her as she continues to recover. Allow her to return home safely into her favorite comfy chair and give them both strength as they continue to wait and watch for your “any minute” return for your bride. Thank you in Jesus name :prayer-hands:

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      May God’s healing power rest upon Kolleen and remove her pain, heal her body with no complications, and restore her joy. :prayer-hands:

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      praying for Kolleen.

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      Nann Zinn

      Praying for you beautiful sister!

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      :prayer-hands:  as the Lord watches over you and strengthens you and for a speedy recovery.

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      Heal well and quickly Kolleen. :rose: 🙏🏾

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      Agreeing in prayer! :prayer-hands:

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      Perhaps Today

      I am echoing the prayers of all these wonderful brothers and sisters on RITAN for your recovery and healing Kolleen. :prayer-hands:

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      Agreeing with each prayer.

      :prayer-hands: Lord please fully restore and heal our sister Kolleen. May she be back with us soon.

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      Praying for both of you but especially for healing and comfort for Kolleen.  God bless you both 💕☺️🙏🙏🙏

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      Thank you so much, you short-time-now RITA loved ones — each one who prayed for Kolleen even silently without posting.

      Kolleen is now home and wearing a pain management device for a few more days.  I am so grateful to our God for medical technology, professionals, facilities, hospital staffs and amenities.  I even thanked God for the valet who let me park right beside the main entrance when she came out with the nurse.

      As I said last night, Kolleen’s precious!!  :heart: :rose:

      (I wonder if her pain and wounds will vanish before we go [next week…], or….. :unsure: :scratch: )

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      I feel Blessed and Loved by you ALL! Thank you! And by my Dan and the Love we share for each other and the Lord. Due to the pack I wear for the next three days, I am not in pain or discomfort now because it numbs any pain. It is connected to about six different wired areas over my abdomen, where the numbing medicine flows through. Thank goodness. And this is my wish and my prayer for you ALL Big Hugs!! :heart: :rose: :heart:


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      Keeping you covered in prayer for decreased pain, quick healing and speedy recovery……you have to have your jump ready soon!!!! :heart:

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      Still keeping you in prayer for a speedy recover!

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      I love you mom, and I am so very thankful that you made it through the surgery safely and are now home with your wonderful and caring husband. I wish I was there with you both, I will continue to pray for your healing of course and I want to tell everyone else here that it was such a blessing to come on here and see all the support and prayers for  my mom. That is so special!  :heart:

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      Yes, I was going to say to everyone today that you Angie are my daughter for anyone not knowing. Thank you for your precious words, they mean so much, and I love you too! :heart: Angie lives in WA State, and we here in CO, so, not a hop skip or a jump to travel. Hopefully the Lord will take care of that problem sooner than soon, and we will all be together once and for all, and for forever, living in the fruit of the Spirit; free from the enemies clutches. :heart: :flyup:


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