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        Carry on!

        Previous thread here.

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        Patricia N.

          Another Democrat Miracle! Maggie Hassan Wins 1,100 Votes from Town with Population Under 700:

          Maggie Hassan had an amazing night on Tuesday.  The unpopular Democrat Senator routed her Republican opponent.  She had such a good night that she won 1,100 votes in a community with a population under 700.  Don Bolduc had 193 votes.

          Another Democrat Miracle! Maggie Hassan Wins 1,100 Votes from Town with Population Under 700

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          So Ready

            You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election

            – Root For America by Wayne Allyn Root

            When something is so obvious, if the outcome makes no sense, if the outcome is literally impossible, then it is what it is. Forget “proof.” You know it. You saw it. You felt it. You experienced it. It happened. It’s real.

            The 2022 midterm was just stolen. Just like 2020.

            If you disagree, you’re either delusional, or terribly naïve, or brain dead. Or you’re in on the fix.

            It’s time to admit we’re all part of a massive experiment in fraud, theft, brainwashing, and gaslighting to a degree never seen in world history.

            Think of all the times in just the past few years you’ve been gaslighted. They lied to you about open borders…they lied about Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails…they lied about spying on Trump…they lied about Russian Collusion…they lied about a perfectly fine Ukrainian phone call…they lied about massive Biden corruption in Ukraine and China… they lied about the Hunter Biden laptop…they lied about the origins of Covid…they lied about the need for lockdowns and masks…they lied about the need for Covid vaccines…they lied about the vaccines being “safe and effective”…they lied and covered up all the deaths and injuries from the vaccine…they lied about the success of miracle drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin…they lied about the stolen 2020 election…

            You’ve been the victims of nonstop severe gaslighting for a decade now. You’re all part of a human psychology experiment in the limits that government and media can go in propaganda and brainwashing…while you can see they’re lying right in front of your eyes.

            And these are the exact same people now telling you Democrats just over-performed, and stopped a GOP red landslide, against all odds, without cheating and stealing the midterm election.

            Historically, every president in history facing his first midterm experiences a tough day with automatically 20 to 30 House seats lost…and 4 or more Senate seats lost…but this terribly unpopular President Biden is brain dead with severe dementia, and can’t put 3 coherent sentences together…Yet Biden defied history?

            While also facing the worst economy in modern history…and the worst inflation in America’s history…and out of control crime…and open borders…and failing schools…and polls showing 75% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction…Yet Biden beat all of that?

            If you believe Democrats made a miracle happen, without cheating, rigging and stealing…I have a bridge to sell you, over the Atlantic Ocean, in the Vegas desert.

            First, every poll in the country showed a gigantic GOP landslide victory- ranging from red wave, to red tsunami. Polls even showed women moved 32 points from September to October in favor of the GOP.

            But in the end they all moved back to Biden and Democrats? Does that make sense to you?

            Second, every poll in the country showed the top two issues, by a mile, were inflation and the economy. And crime was in second place, along with open borders.

            And they all voted for Biden and the Democrats? Does that make sense to you?

            CNN’s own exit polls showed the GOP made massive gains among almost every voting group- men, women, white men, white women, blacks, Hispanics, young people. Everyone.

            And they all voted for Biden and the Democrats? Does that make sense to you?

            In this environment where Americans can’t afford gas…or groceries…or rent…with the economy failing…inflation raging…scared to death of losing their jobs…living in cities plagued by violent crime, mass shoplifting, homeless everywhere, streets lined with poop, pee, drug needles…and failing schools intent on teaching your children to become masked transgenders…

            In this environment, they all voted for Biden and the Democrats? Does that make sense to you?

            That they looked around at the disaster one man has created in only two years, and they defied a century of historic midterm defeats for the party in power…and voted for Democrats?Folks, you’ve been gaslighted.

            But the real proof the midterm was rigged and stolen is…FLORIDA.

            In Florida the GOP won a landslide. DeSantis and Rubio and everyone else in the Florida GOP won in a red tsunami. The same one the polls showed was happening in the entire country.

            Guess what Florida has? Florida has strict Voter ID, strict laws against voter fraud, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots sent to every voter, no ballot drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, no ballots accepted for days after Election Day, no counting for days until the desired result is achieved by the Democrat Party.

            Isn’t it a funny and strange coincidence that in that state, with all of those strict rules against cheating, the GOP red tsunami happened as predicted? But everywhere else, where there are no strict laws against voter fraud, and they allow all that cheating, the red tsunami fizzled.

            And that under-performance is being blamed on Trump? And on conservative MAGA candidates?

            Yet in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is the most Trump-like, MAGA, America First, anti-woke, anti-trannie, in-your-face, ultra conservative politician in all of America. And with that ultra MAGA message, plus strict voting fraud laws…the GOP swept to a landslide victory.

            And in most other places, they didn’t. Coincidence?

            Folks, we’ve been robbed. Again. This was a repeat of 2020. They’ve fixed, rigged and stolen the election. First, they robbed us of the Presidency. Now they’ve robbed us of a red Republican landslide. And now they’re trying to blame it on Trump.

            This is gaslighting. And we’ve had our election stolen- again.

            Article Link https://rootforamerica.com/democrats-just-stole-another-election/

            Fair Use – Entertainment Purpose Only


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              There has never been fair elections … this is after all satan’s world’s system.  When God created man, Adam was given dominion over everything and was permitted to name the animals, birds, plants, etc.  but after Adam sinned … Satan took over the position of leadership of this sinful world.

              Matt 4:8-10

              Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

              9 And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

              10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.


              When studying masonry … I got an eyeful of esoteric things … an old voting saying here in Vermont is … “it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you will always be voting for one of us” (meaning a mason for the one world order).

              When studying the 13 Illuminati families I found out JFK did not legally win … Richard Nixon had more votes … but Joe Kennedy wanted his son to be president soooooo badly … he paid the decision makers and his son got in.  They said to Nixon, you will win next time around to shut him up. 😂   But then they didn’t like him and there was the Watergate scandal so he wasn’t in for very long.

              Personally I’m glad the new world order is getting their way because …. this means the rapture is soon and satan has only 7 short years left before his dominion is finally over and Jesus will rule fair with a rod of iron in the millennium in a peaceful kingdom. :amen:  So looking forward to it. :whistle:

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                Well said and so true So Ready!!!  When things make no sense and don’t add up, all this fuzzy math and lack of moral integrity can only be attributed to demonic influences!  TR

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                Patricia N.

                  Trump Officially Announces to Run for President in 2024 — “America’s Comeback Starts Right Now!”:

                  President Trump is making his announcement live on Tuesday night from his home at Mar-a-Lago.

                  Trump officially announced that he will run for US president in the 2024 election.  (Video at the link.)

                  BREAKING: Trump Officially Announces to Run for President in 2024 — RSBN LIVE-STREAM VIDEO FROM MAR-A-LAGO – “America’s Comeback Starts Right Now!”

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                  Patricia N.

                    Republicans Secure the Majority in the House of Representatives:

                    The GOP finally hit the magic number: 218 seats in the US House.

                    14 races are still outstanding so the final count for the 118th Congress is still unclear.

                    Bye-Bye Pelosi! Republicans Secure the Majority in the House of Representatives

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                      Anyone have any thoughts on Trump’s announcement? Just curious :-)

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                        On the surface it feels really good No Fear. But we know the end times marches forward, in this overwhelming evil vs good world. The kind and depth of evil from the pit that we never thought we would see before the Rapture. All the evil controlling world powers-that-be, seem to have everything in place for world rule and domination, and they have no intention of backing down or letting go.

                        Their sinister agenda is night and day difference from what Trump, Patriots, Conservatives and God loving Citizens want! We know how all this ends – we’re just not sure how another Trump win would affect God’s allowed timeline. Does the Lord want Trump in again for one last opportunity for the world to view good vs evil in action, from which they choose life or death for their eternal souls? This would make sense to me – God asking the world, “Who will you serve?”

                        President Trump is not a perfect man, none of us are, but God used him in a spiritual sense, to show the vast differences between Gods ways, and the enemy’s ways in this world. For this run and the even worse in-depth control the powers that be have today, I believe it’s important to be praying for President Trumps personal and political house, for all God’s divine protection over all that concerns Trump in this run. These days are even more so, about Light vs darkness, and those walking in satans darkness, do not want to lose now at any cost.

                        Thank the Lord, their judgment is coming.

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                          I agree with what Kolleen said. If we were not looking at the end of the Church age I would have an opinion about Trump that is different from most conservatives. Many of us in Georgia feel that he is the reason we are currently stuck with two democrat senators because he had harsh things to say about the two republicans that everyone thought would win back in 2020. He is also viewed by many conservatives as too polarizing. I would rather vote for DeSantis if he chose to run against Trump but not if it resulted in a divided party. I am hopeful this is a moot point and that we won’t be here for that election cycle.

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                            Kolleen and Yohanan – you parroted my thoughts exactly. Love what he did for this country but it creates too much divide. And if DeSantis runs – I will vote for him. The only thing that I could think of that would split the Republicans would be if one of them ran as an independent. I don’t see that happening.


                            Kolleen – I have felt so strongly in my heart that God was watching the 2020 elections and seeing what side everyone was on. It literally was a vote for good or evil.

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                              And, Yohanan – a BIG 100% YES for hoping it’s a moot point! :flyup:

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                              Patricia N.

                                Testimony: Biden Takes Air Marshals Off Flights, Deploys them to Conduct Welfare Checks on Illegal Aliens:

                                President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is taking Federal Air Marshals off domestic commercial flights to have them conduct welfare checks on border crossers and illegal aliens, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) said in congressional testimony on Tuesday.

                                In July, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Biden’s DHS had deployed Air Marshals to the southern border to escort border crossers and illegal aliens from processing facilities to Border Patrol custody before their release into American communities.

                                “In an attempt to combat the crisis on the border, you have deployed highly-trained and highly-skilled Federal Air Marshals to perform non-law enforcement duties such as hospital watch, transportation, and welfare checks. There have even been reports that Air Marshals are performing janitorial duties.”

                                Van Drew said:  DHS is removing hundreds of Air Marshals from the skies during one of the busiest travel seasons of the year even though you state that America’s aviation infrastructure is at a very high threat and is a target. Furthermore, DHS is even classifying how many high-risk flights are not being covered due to your decision to deploy Air Marshals to the border. How do you justify this deployment?


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                                  I wonder what Trump would have done differently had he known the utter non-stop warfare he would be accosted with before, during and after his term. None of us knew how down and dirty this would become against him, not just him, but as he said, they are coming for us through him!

                                  And yet, he wants to still stand in the gap and take it all on. Love him or hate him, he has courage to stand against such evil, to stand for our Country, for it’s Patriots, for God and for freedom.

                                  I think DeSantis has done remarkable things; all the things we want to see in our leadership, but some of the concerns I have heard regarding DeSantis are that, for him to run now, might jeopardize FL, as in losing the gains his excellent leadership has brought there. DeSantis is young yet – does he have the full maturity for the presidency as opposed to what Trump accomplished worldwide? I have also heard that there is a concern that the Left is trying to influence him and win him over in certain area’s, that has not been publicized.

                                  Lot’s to think and pray about.


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                                    We need to get out of this stinking swill hole. It’s time to go. We have no place in this depraved world.

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                                      True that Johanan!  Just keep looking up!  Keep listening to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us individually! Keep listening for that trumpet blast!  TR

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                                        My lowly two cents on the political areana.

                                        Daniel 2:21 “He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;”

                                        God is always in charge – bad people come and go, kings of old have been used to march God’s prophetic timeline along. We may not like it, but our country is not part of the ten horns (except possibly the tiny one :unsure: ), but no power in the end.
                                        In Isa 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.“

                                        I like Trump, but in his speech, he basically called the NWO out and his final song was the from the French Revolution and he should there staring in defiance into the camera. They will try to take him out. He stated this is a dangerous road for him and it is.
                                        This is not our home and we need to cut the apron strings and prepare to fly home. I love my country and thank God for having been born here, but my eternal home is ruled by the King of Kings :yahoo:

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                                        Patricia N.

                                          GOP House Opens Probe into Biden Family for Potential Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Human Trafficking Violations:

                                          Members of the newly controlled Republican House on Thursday announced an investigation into the Biden family business and whether President Joe Biden is compromised by the family’s business schemes.

                                          Joe Biden and his staff have claimed at least seven times that the president has not been involved in the family business, yet more than 17 pieces of evidence suggest Joe Biden has played an influential role in his son Hunter and brother James’s activities.

                                          Fifty-eight percent of voters believe that Joe Biden has played a role in his family’s business dealings. Sixty percent say Hunter Biden has sold “influence and access” to the president.


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                                          Patricia N.

                                            Nancy Pelosi Steps Aside: Will Not Seek Reelection as Democrat House Leader:

                                            House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Thursday she will not seek reelection as the Democrat House leader.

                                            “This I will continue to do as a member of the House speaking for the people of San Francisco, serving the great state of California, and defending our Constitution, and with great confidence in our caucus, I will not seek reelection to Democratic leadership in the next Congress,” Pelosi stated on the House floor.

                                            “The hour has come for a new generation to lead the Democratic Caucus that I greatly respect,” she added.


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                                            Patricia N.

                                              Trump vows to re-enlist, backpay troops fired over COVID-19 vaccine:

                                              As thousands of troops are being discharged for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, former President Donald Trump promised to reverse “every Biden COVID mandate” and reinstate military members who were fired for vaccine refusal.

                                              Trump made the remark while announcing his next campaign for the presidency during a speech Tuesday night.

                                              “We will abolish every Biden COVID mandate and rehire every patriot who was fired from our military with an apology and full back pay,” Trump said.

                                              Trump vows to re-enlist, backpay troops fired over COVID-19 vaccine

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                                              Patricia N.

                                                It Begins: House Judiciary Republicans to Summon Mayorkas for Border Investigation:

                                                Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have begun rolling out their investigative plans for next year in the wake of securing the House majority, and their plans include questioning nearly a dozen individuals within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

                                                The Republicans, led by ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), sent a notice Friday to Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas requesting “prompt testimony” from Mayorkas and ten others with key roles in immigration and cybersecurity.

                                                Mayorkas has become one of Republicans’ top targets amid illegal migration at the southern border surging to record-breaking numbers under his watch.


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                                                  Starts 1:42

                                                  – Fair Use –

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                                                    What is the mystery behind the bizarre behavior?
                                                    It is unknown what caused the sheep to behave this way and why they are reacting like this. But according to medical experts, there is a disease that causes some animals to appear disoriented and start circling that is called listeriosis. (“also known as “circling disease.”) This disease can inflame one side of the brain, and that causes the unusual behaviour of the sheep.

                                                    Outbreaks typically occur as a result of spoiled or low-quality silage, according to the Merck Manual. In sheep and goats, however, death usually occurs within 24 to 48 hours after symptoms are observed.


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                                                      Death to sheep that don’t move forward!  Hmm!  Simply following the butt in front of them!  Analogous perhaps to the sheep of Christ???  TR

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                                                      Patricia N.

                                                        Oldest American President in Office Joe Biden Turns 80 as He Weighs Reelection Campaign:

                                                        President Joe Biden turned 80 years old Sunday, the first American president to reach that age while in office.  Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. was born in Pennsylvania on November 20, 1942.  Biden continues to dismiss questions about his health, repeatedly reassuring people that he feels physically and mentally sound.

                                                        But Americans have reason to be concerned after witnessing him fall three times while boarding Air Force One in March, falling off of his bike in June, and repeatedly appearing lost or confused on stage, or unable to properly read his speeches on his teleprompter.  Two-thirds of Americans in midterm exit polls said they did not want Biden to run for reelection.

                                                        If Biden runs and wins again, he would be 82 years old on Inauguration Day and 86 by the end of his second term.  Previously the oldest American president in office was Ronald Reagan, who was 77 when his second term in office ended.


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                                                        Patricia N.

                                                          Kevin McCarthy: Republicans Will Start Every Day of Congress with Prayer and Pledge ‘No Exceptions’:

                                                          House Republicans last week nominated McCarthy to be the next Speaker of the House, receiving 188 votes to former Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Andy Biggs’ (R-AZ) 31. McCarthy must garner 218 votes in the House to become Speaker, as they prep to hold the vote in January.

                                                          McCarthy is already making a vow ahead of the formal vote.

                                                          “Next year, Republicans will start every day of Congress with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance,” McCarthy said. “No exceptions.”


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                                                            Hezbollah transporting hundreds of chemical weapons to Lebanon 

                                                            Per Jerusalem Post


                                                            At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok last Friday, Emmanuel Macron of France called for a ‘single global order’

                                                            The APEC Summit opened on Friday in Thailand, the last of three world summits hosted in the region this month. Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for stability, peace and the development of a “more just world order.” French President Emmanuel Macron spoke at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok. This was despite the fact that France is not a member of the APEC nations. Macron said ‘Are you on the US or the Chinese side? Because now, progressively, a lot of people would like to see that there are two orders in this world. This is a huge mistake. Even for both the US and China. We need a single global order. 

                                                            Per NTEB



                                                            Looks like they have the Great financial Reset to occur in 2023


                                                            You Can’t Put It Back Together” – Jim Rickards Warns Of ‘Unstoppable Crisis Worse Than 2008

                                                            Six-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards says the upcoming book “Sold Out” lays out the case why a huge crash is already a certainty sometime in 2023.

                                                            In a nutshell, broken supply chains have already caused big inflation, and the Fed is raising rates to tamp it back down.  On top of the perfect storm of inflation and prolonged supply problems, we have the recent meltdown of the FTX crypto currency exchange.  Rickards says,

                                                            “It is definitely going to cause sequential collapses in the crypto world, but will it jump the fence into the broader financial world?  My expectation is it will, but it can take six months or more to play out…

                                                            We probably have an acute global financial crisis coming anyway.  If FTX never existed, I would say we are staring at a worse financial crisis than 2008.  Throw FTX on top of that, and it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.  It will accelerate the fire.  So, we’re probably going to have problems anyway, but the FTX implosion just makes it worse.”
                                                            As far as the dwindling supply chains, Rickards says, “The old supply chain has collapsed.  A new supply chain will emerge, and I talk about that in my book and what it will look like…”

                                                            ”  Right now, we are in a very messy middle period where things don’t work well.  It’s like a vase.  You knock over a vase, and it breaks into 5,000 pieces.  You can’t put it back together.  You’ve got to go get a new vase.  We broke the vase, and we are shopping for a new one.  We are not there yet.  We are just cleaning up the mess. . . . Russia invades Ukraine.  The Ukrainian plastic conduit factory shuts down, and all of a sudden, the BMW production lines are shut down because they cannot get a part.  Again, this is another example of how this is all falling apart, and it’s not going to be put back together quickly.  There will be a new supply chain, and I call it supply chain 2.0, but we are in that in between time, and it’s going to be just a mess.”
                                                            Rickards says the Fed is going to keep raising rates because that is what they keep telling the public.  Rickards says, “They are telling us what they are going to do, and you should believe them.”

                                                            Rickards says we do have inflation, and it’s going to be with us for awhile, but we are also going to get deflation too.  Rickards points out,

                                                            “Why does Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway have $130 billion in cash?  Buffett is one of the greatest investors of all time.  Why isn’t he out there buying stocks?  Again, why does he have $130 billion in cash? It’s because Buffett sees what I see.  Yes, this thing is going to completely crash.

                                                            It’s a really good idea to have cash because you can go shopping in the wreckage and pick up some bargains.  My point is, we don’t have to guess.  Look at the Treasury yield curve.  Look at the euro/dollar futures yield curve.  Look at other metrics, and guess what it looks like?  It looks like 2007.  Everything I am describing, but not quite as extreme by the way, was true in 2007…

                                                            These euro/dollar futures were behaving then exactly as they are now.  Except now, the inversion is even worse, which means we are in for a worse crisis than 2008.  It’s coming.  Everything I said has nothing to do with FTX.  Throw FTX on top, and as I said, you are throwing gasoline on a fire.”


                                                            Per ZeroHedge


                                                            – Fair Use –

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                                                              Hmmm … :popcorn


                                                              Coming Soon … January 26, 2023


                                                              This is not a scary antichrist movie, this is a follow up movie (recast with new actors) in theaters January 26th, 2023 (for a 4 day run) to the Left Behind with Nick Cage where the rapture occurred. It takes place about 6 months after the rapture. It has a good salvation prayer in the movie, so that is the great commission…saving souls especially in these very last days! If we are still here, there are more movies to come as the movies follow the book series from Tim Lahaye. Paul Lalonde producer, Kevin Sorbo director.


                                                              – Fair Use –

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                                                              Patricia N.

                                                                Nine-Hour Hearing Held in Delaware County After Officials Took a Detour from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day:

                                                                As reported earlier – Pennsylvania election observers filed a complaint against the Delaware County Board of Elections after county officials took a detour on election night with the county’s ballots and v-drives into a closed building for six hours.  Poll watchers were prevented from entering the building at the time.

                                                                The county also deleted 194 voter registrations that were deleted after election day whose ballots were counted.

                                                                Well, the hearing was basically held but limited to specific allegations made in the plaintiffs filing, namely that 2,778 records of requests for mail-in ballots were deleted by the county; at least 194 voter registration records of individuals who voted were deleted; a partisan third-party was allowed to control and tabulate mail-in ballots; and the chain of custody was adulterated by detouring the election-night journey of the county’s physical ballots and v-drives for six hours into a closed building, where poll watchers were prohibited from entering, before continuing the delivery to the centralized counting center at the Wharf Building in Chester.

                                                                Nine-Hour Hearing Held in Delaware County After Officials Took a Detour from Counting Center into a Closed Building for 6 Hours on Election Day

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                                                                Patricia N.

                                                                  In California, 10% of Legislature now identifies as LGBTQ:

                                                                  SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — While LGBTQ candidates and their supporters celebrated several milestone victories around the nation in this year’s midterm elections, California quietly reached its own: At least 10% of its state lawmakers identify publicly as LGBTQ, believed to be a first for any U.S. legislature.


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                                                                  Patricia N.

                                                                    Kevin McCarthy Says He Plans To Hold Hearings Physically At The US-Mexico Border – Make Dems See Firsthand The Border Disaster:

                                                                    Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform told Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that there will be an investigation into the crisis currently at the border.

                                                                    They sent a letter to Mayorkas saying that “it is important for the American people, and their elected lawmakers, to understand the role Biden Administration policies have played in fueling the border crisis.”

                                                                    GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is now vowing to hold hearings physically at the border.

                                                                    He said he wants Democrats to see the border disaster firsthand.
                                                                    McCarthy is doing all he can now to make a case for him being Speaker.

                                                                    Kevin McCarthy Says He Plans To Hold Hearings Physically At The US-Mexico Border – Make Dems See Firsthand The Border Disaster

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                                                                    Patricia N.

                                                                      White House issues pro-Biden talking points for your Thanksgiving dinner and gets mocked mercilessly on social media:

                                                                      The White House released recommended talking points to be brought up at Thanksgiving dinner and faced merciless ridicule and mockery from critics on social media.  The proclamation came from White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who posted the talking points on his official social media account.

                                                                      The list touted President Joe Biden’s accomplishments, including “tackling inflation” — which is still at record heights — and “lowering costs” — despite inflation still being a drag on the economy.

                                                                      The talking points did not persuade critics on social media who took the occasion to slam Klain and Biden with bitter vituperation.


                                                                    • #105091
                                                                      Patricia N.

                                                                        Biden Admin Quietly Greenlights Plan to Build Huge Gulf Oil Terminal:

                                                                        The Biden administration has quietly approved plans to build a new crude oil terminal in the Gulf of Mexico off Texas, seemingly in contradiction to the president’s climate agenda.

                                                                        The Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration approved the application (pdf) for Enterprise’s Sea Port Oil Terminal, one of four proposed offshore oil export terminals, on Monday.

                                                                        Greenpeace promptly took aim at the Biden administration’s decision regarding the new oil terminal, stating that the new terminal would “emit over 300 million tons of carbon dioxide every year polluting the air and water of Brazoria and Harris counties in Texas while creating serious health threats for everyone living there.”

                                                                        “It is peak hypocrisy for President Biden and Secretary [of Transportation] Pete Buttigieg to shorten the fuse on the world’s largest carbon bomb by greenlighting additional oil export terminals right after lecturing the world about increasing climate ambitions at COP27,”  the independent global campaigning network added.


                                                                      • #105112

                                                                          Update on the fake lab “meat” they want us to buy … called Beyond Meats Products … check out the facilities …


                                                                          Beyond Disgusting: Former Beyond Meat Employee Shares Photos, Docs, That Appear To Show Mold, Dirty Conditions

                                                                          Per ZeroHedge.com

                                                                          So much for skipping out on meat to get healthier…

                                                                          One of Beyond Meat’s “key” factories was “reportedly riddled with mold, bacteria and other health-related concerns”, the NY Post reported this week, citing evidence that was obtained from a former employee.

                                                                          Leaked internal documents showed that the plant “tested positive for the harmful bacteria Listeria at least 11 times in the second half of 2021”. Both photographs and documents were provided by the former employee, who said they were “worried” about the conditions at the plant.


                                                                          Two other workers at the plant, which is located about an hour from Philadelphia, confirmed that Listeria had been found on the site.

                                                                          Additional documents showed that contaminants like “string, metal, wood and plastic” had all been found in products that were produced at the plant as recently as last December.

                                                                          Photographs posted by Bloomberg, who produced the original report, appear to show dirty conditions and mold. Bill Marler, a food-safety attorney, after viewing some of the photos, told Bloomberg: “Mold growth takes a while — that underscores a lack of cleanliness.”


                                                                          – Fair Use –

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                                                                            I saw that Geri! :negative: Would any good person, or any one of Gods Kids give anything like that to their worst enemy! This just shows the disdain and sentence of death wishes this deep state group has for Gods creation of mankind, and His desire that all come to Christ.


                                                                          • #105177

                                                                              The Supreme Court Petition Set to Rock America
                                                                              November 28, 2022 – AMP NEWS

                                                                              While all four of these new news outlets have done a phenomenal job covering the election coup of 2020 and the ongoing theft and irregularities in the 2022 midterm elections, why hasn’t anyone of them—or all of them—pounced on this story….

                                                                              ….“This case uncovers a serious national security breach that is unique and is of first impression, and due to the serious nature of this case it involves the possible removal of a sitting President and Vice President of the United States along with members of the United States Congress, while deeming them unfit from ever holding office under Federal, State, County or local Governments found within the United States of America, and at the same time the trial court also has the authority, to be validated by this Court, to authorize the swearing in of the legal and rightful heirs for President and Vice President of the United States….

                                                                              What does that mean? Here are some questions to consider as this petition moves through each one of its final stages with the Supreme Court.

                                                                              Vote in Favor

                                                                              If the Justices vote in favor of the petition:

                                                                              Will the U.S. Marshals and Secret Service remove the 388 members?
                                                                              If removed, will they be replaced by qualified U.S. military officers to carry on the business of the United States of America in continuity-of-government maneuver?
                                                                              Will the removed members be indicted and tried for treason or a lesser offense?
                                                                              Will both the 2020 and 2022 elections be disqualified and replaced with a secure election at some point in 2023?
                                                                              Vote Against

                                                                              If the Justices vote against the petition:

                                                                              Will the anyone of those nine Justices, or all of them, be arrested for treason for not carrying out its legal duties?

                                                                              There are lots of questions to be answered. But since its now being heard before the Supreme Court as a “national security” issue, we expect the answers to and the which way the petition breaks—in favor of or against—to reach a conclusion swiftly.



                                                                            • #105178
                                                                              Patricia N.

                                                                                Wow!  Never heard anything about this anywhere.  Seems unbelievable that it could happen.  But, I hope it does!

                                                                              • #105194

                                                                                  A voice of reason calling out evil and injustice must be heard!  TR

                                                                                • #105198

                                                                                    Could be good or bad….if they remove Biden/Harris and members of congress it would seem that justice is finally happening…..but then we might see riots and protesting and marshall law, which might be what “they” are wanting after all……but hopefully this just means we go home sooner :prayer-hands:

                                                                                  • #105202

                                                                                      The Israel Air Force this week will hold one of its largest drills in years with the United States Air Force simulating offensive strikes against Iran’s nuclear program.


                                                                                      This is the mission that no one really wants to have to carry out, an actual long-range strike on Iran’s nuclear program and facilities built for them by Russia over the last decade and an half. But at some point, either Israel and perhaps America are going to go after Iran, or Iran is actually going to build a nuclear weapon or weapons with which to fire against Israel. Either way, and according to my King James Bible, it’s going to happen.

                                                                                      “For it was of the LORD to harden their hearts, that they should come against Israel in battle, that he might destroy them utterly, and that they might have no favour, but that he might destroy them, as the LORD commanded Moses.” Joshua 11:20

                                                                                      The stunning recent election of Benjamin Netanyahu back into office for what constitutes his fifth term as prime minister of Israel adds a tantalizing layer of complexity to the overall situation. Bibi is famously a hawk, and has said many times that Israel needs to take out the Iranian nuclear program for Israel’s safety. Looks like he just might have his end times wish come true, but oh, at what cost?

                                                                                      Israel, US to hold air drill simulating striking Iran nuclear program

                                                                                      From The Jerusalem Post:  The drill will take place from Tuesday until Thursday over the Mediterranean Sea and Israel. It will include long-range flights such as those that Israeli pilots might need to make in order to reach the Islamic Republic.

                                                                                      The exercise will include refuelers as well as fighter jets from both forces. Washington and Israel have signed an agreement that would see the US come to assist Israel with missile defense in times of war, and the two militaries have held numerous joint air defense exercises in recent years.

                                                                                      Iran, which possesses over 1,000 short- and medium-range ballistic missiles, continues to smuggle weapons to countries and non-state actors such as Hezbollah, which is estimated to have an arsenal of some 50,000 missiles on Israel’s northern border.

                                                                                      With tensions high over Iran’s nuclear program and regional hostility, Israel and the Islamic Republic have been threatening each other with senior officers stating that their militaries are capable of striking the other.

                                                                                      Israel has significantly increased its readiness level and has taken steps throughout the past year to prepare a credible military option against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

                                                                                      The NIS 58 billion defense budget set for the IDF in the coming year is expected to allow the Israeli military to focus on the threats posed by Iran across the region, with some NIS 3.5b. designated specifically for this.

                                                                                      The upcoming drill was discussed by IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi during his visit to Washington last week. Kohavi, who returned to Israel a day earlier than planned following a deadly double bombing in Jerusalem, met with senior American officials including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and CENTCOM Commander Gen. Michael Kurilla.

                                                                                      – Fair Use –

                                                                                    • #105262

                                                                                        Starts @ 1:10

                                                                                        – Fair Use –

                                                                                      • #105263

                                                                                          Interesting pic on that video. The color scheme on the leading CSX locomotive is called “Dark Future”. :scratch: The one trailing it is in the “Bright Future” scheme.

                                                                                          Screenshot (409)

                                                                                        • #105272
                                                                                          Patricia N.

                                                                                            Biden Warned to Stop Redirecting Air Marshals to Border as ‘Major Security Incidents’ Occur on Recent U.S. Flights:

                                                                                            In recent weeks, United States airlines have seen “two major security incidents” on domestic commercial flights with no Federal Air Marshals in sight as President Joe Biden redirects them to facilitate illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border, the agency’s union warns.

                                                                                            There have been two major security incidents on aircraft within the past few weeks in which the media has indicated there were no Federal Air Marshals on board. According to the Washington Post on November 11, 2022 a man boarded a Frontier flight 1761 with two box cutters. The man threatened to stab the passengers and crew and had to be subdued by other passengers. The flight was forced to divert and the suspect was taken into custody.

                                                                                            Most recently, according to the Post, another man was allowed to board JetBlue flight 871 with a small-edged weapon. The suspect placed the edged weapon to the throat of at least one passenger. He was later arrested and charged with several federal offenses. According to the Federal Aviation Administration year to date there have been 2,178 reports of unruly passengers, 767 investigations initiated, and 517 enforcement actions taken. Not to mention the fact there have been two attempted attacks on our homeland since 9/11 during the holiday season.

                                                                                            The Air Marshal National Council is calling on Biden to “stop these dangerous and irresponsible deployments” of Air Marshals to the border “before our adversaries take advantage of the opportunity this policy has provided.”


                                                                                          • #105300
                                                                                            Patricia N.

                                                                                              Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts: ‘A long-standing problem’:

                                                                                              Recent polls suggest that many Americans support some form of political divorce amid widening ideological divides.

                                                                                              Such movements have emerged in every region of the U.S. and vary in their goals. Some aim for entire states to leave the union to form a new country, while others endeavor more simply that rural red counties secede from the domination of blue urban centers to form new states. All agree that the disagreements with their political opponents have grown intractable.

                                                                                              Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement. . . Miller’s organization endeavors to see Texas leave the union and revert to the sovereign republic it was from 1836, when it broke from Mexico, until it was annexed by the U.S. in 1845.

                                                                                              Miller, who wrote “TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union” in 2018, offered the unrestrained surge of illegal immigration at the Texas border during the Biden administration as a prime example of why he believes the state should go its own way.

                                                                                              G.H. Merritt, who serves as chairwoman of the grassroots organization New Illinois, told Fox News Digital that far from impeding them, modern technology has widened the efforts of her movement, which aims to form a new state and emancipate Illinois’ conservative rural counties from the political dominance of Chicago and Cook County in the state’s General Assembly. New Illinois so far has committees in 30 of Illinois’ 102 counties, Merritt said.

                                                                                              Conservative rural voters in Illinois who believe they lack fair representation are echoing their counterparts in Oregon and elsewhere, according to Matt McCaw, a leader in the Greater Idaho movement.

                                                                                              “We have this long-standing problem in Oregon, which is that the west side of Oregon is very populated and very left-leaning, while the east side of Oregon is very rural and very conservative,” McCaw explained to Fox News Digital.  Deciding that secession from the liberal rule of the Portland area was the best solution, they went county by county taking to voters their idea of shifting the border of red-state Idaho westward.

                                                                                              Their measure made it on the ballot and recently clinched support from a majority in two more Oregon counties in November, securing them election wins in 11 of the 15 counties that are proposed to depart the state to join its more conservative neighbor.  Greater Idaho’s supporters argue that its electoral victories indicate that all 15 counties would vote to support the measure if given the chance.

                                                                                              “If you look at this last election, you see that it’s not just Oregon,” said McCaw. “This is true across the United States, that we have these major urban areas that vote one way, and everywhere else in the state that’s rural votes another way. That causes all sorts of polarization and political tension that doesn’t need to be there. People are looking for a solution.”

                                                                                              Merritt, who has been in touch with members of the similar New California movement, blamed some of the present political tension between urban and rural Americans on Reynolds v. Sims, a landmark 1964 Supreme Court decision that ruled the electoral districts of state legislative chambers must be roughly equal in population.

                                                                                              Everett Dirksen, a senator from Illinois who served as Senate minority leader at the time, railed against the ruling and led an abortive effort to pass a constitutional amendment that would establish state legislative districts based on land area instead of population. “The forces of our national life are not brought to bear on public questions solely in proportion to the weight of numbers,” he argued.



                                                                                            • #105302
                                                                                              Patricia N.

                                                                                                Trump Responds To Massive Twitter Files Drop – “Fraud” – “TOTALLY CORRUPT”:

                                                                                                Elon Musk released bombshell Twitter files on Friday Night exposing just how corrupt Twitter was throughout the 2020 election.  It showed that throughout the 2020 election the Biden team reached out to Twitter about deleting certain tweets.

                                                                                                It showed that Twitter employees knew the Hunter Biden story didn’t contain hacked material but they kept it censored anyway.  Major corruption that impacted the 2020 election.

                                                                                                (From Trump) Truth Social:

                                                                                                Wow! That’s a really big story about Twitter and various forms of government Fraud including, specifically, Election Fraud. The same level of Fraud took place with the other Big Tech companies, if not even worse (if that’s possible?). We are living in a VERY CORRUPT COUNTRY &, AS THEY ARE SAYING ALL OVER THE INTERNET, “NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT IT BECAUSE THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT & FBI ARE TOTALLY CORRUPT.” But they’ll keep investigating “boxes” that were legally & openly taken from the W.H.

                                                                                                Trump Responds To Massive Twitter Files Drop – “Fraud” – “TOTALLY CORRUPT”


                                                                                              • #105303
                                                                                                Patricia N.

                                                                                                  Elon Musk: It Is Likely Twitter Interfered in 2022 Brazilian Election:

                                                                                                  Elon Musk continues to drop bomb after bomb on the leftist company’s interference in Democratic elections.

                                                                                                  On Saturday Elon Musk admitted Twitter likely interfered in the Brazilian presidential elections in favor of convicted felon and Socialist Lula de Silva.  This is BIG, BIG News!

                                                                                                  It was already posted this month that Twitter was censoring President Bolsonaro’s supporters’ accounts.  Twitter and Facebook have been interfering in democratic elections around the world. They have been picking favorites and targeting opposing voices for years now.  And Google also manipulated search results against Jair Bolsonaro.

                                                                                                  (Note: They have been having demonstrations and riots in Brazil over what is considered a false election.)

                                                                                                  Elon Musk: It Is Likely Twitter Interfered in 2022 Brazilian Election

                                                                                                • #105329
                                                                                                  Patricia N.

                                                                                                    FBI Held Weekly Calls with Big Tech Before 2020 Election and Provided List of URLs Pushing “Disinformation” for Big Tech to Censor:

                                                                                                    The FBI worked with social media to kill the Hunter laptop story before the 2020 election.

                                                                                                    These goons running the FBI are not on the side of the people.  Their job is to run cover for crooked politicians and put good people who shine the light on their crimes behind bars.

                                                                                                    Elvis Chan revealed that “we found that the FBI plays a big role in working with social media companies to censor speech – from weekly meetings with social media companies ahead of the 2020 election to asks for account takedowns.”

                                                                                                    The FBI is corrupt to the core.  They worked with corrupt individuals at social media companies.  They have no regard for Americans’ free speech rights.  They don’t care.  They only support far-left liberal and now communist actors in politics.

                                                                                                    The Gateway Pundit

                                                                                                  • #105342


                                                                                                      Per NTEB

                                                                                                      The Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi is nearly complete and mere weeks away from opening its doors to Chrislam and the One World Religion

                                                                                                      The world now accepts the idea of a Roman Catholic peace covenant brokered between a pope and an imam, and within this covenant a room is reserved for the Jews. Like all movements of man, it has a palatial headquarters, known as the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, which is now just week away from being completed. It is considered one of the marvels of our age, alongside of the Abraham Accords. The stage is almost set, the players are all present and accounted for, all we need now is our 23 Skidoo.

                                                                                                      “For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered.” Isaiah 29:10

                                                                                                      It is surreal watching all this come together, surreal because the whole world is watching it happen, and yet precious few have any ides what they’re seeing. The One World Religion of Chrislam is out in the open for all to see, exactly as the Bible says it would be in the last days, and yet a spirit of slumber from the Lord is preventing recognition on any appreciable level. The nearly complete Abrahamic Family House is a wonderful testimony to this fact.



                                                                                                      In the comment section:

                                                                                                      The Jews are envious of the speed in which this came together. This is a reply to the twitter post:

                                                                                                      Menachem Begin @_Jabotinsky · 10h
                                                                                                      Replying to @AD_GQ
                                                                                                      It would be nice if we could build our Synagogue as quickly as the Emiratis can build a synagogue!


                                                                                                      – Fair Use –

                                                                                                    • #105369
                                                                                                      Patricia N.

                                                                                                        Trump Organization convicted in executive tax dodge scheme:

                                                                                                        NEW YORK (AP) — Donald Trump’s company was convicted of tax fraud Tuesday for helping executives dodge taxes on lavish perks such as Manhattan apartments and luxury cars, in a significant repudiation of financial practices at the former president’s business.

                                                                                                        A jury found two corporate entities at the Trump Organization guilty on all 17 counts, including conspiracy charges and falsifying business records. Trump himself was not on trial.

                                                                                                        The conviction is a validation for New York prosecutors, who have spent three years investigating the former president and his businesses.  As punishment, the Trump Organization could be fined up to $1.6 million — a relatively small amount for a company of its size.

                                                                                                        Trump, who recently announced he was running for president again, has said the case against his company was part of a politically motivated “witch hunt.” Speaking outside the courthouse, Trump Organization lawyer Alan Futerfas vowed to appeal.


                                                                                                      • #105382
                                                                                                        Patricia N.

                                                                                                          TikTok Deal Delayed over National Security Concerns:

                                                                                                          Negotiations between the U.S. government and China-owned TikTok have been delayed due to national security concerns involving ByteDance, the app’s Chinese parent company, and its access to the private user data of Americans.

                                                                                                          A potential deal between the Biden administration and TikTok is delayed due to ongoing national security concerns, people familiar with the situation say, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

                                                                                                          The app’s parent company, ByteDance — owned by a hostile foreign country — can force TikTok to hand over the data it has collected on U.S. citizens and give it to the Chinese Communist Party.

                                                                                                          Moreover, ByteDance was already caught planning to use TikTok to monitor the physical location of specific American citizens. Last month, TikTok admitted that its employees in China can access the private data of accounts based in other countries.




                                                                                                        • #105417
                                                                                                          Patricia N.

                                                                                                            Former Marine Still Detained In Russia “Disappointed” Biden Admin Hasn’t Done More To Secure His Release – “I Don’t Understand Why I’m Still Sitting Here”:

                                                                                                            Early Thursday a deal was announced that allowed WNBA star Brittney Griner to be released.  In return, the United States released International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout, also known as the “Merchant of Death.”

                                                                                                            Still left in Russia is a former marine, Paul Whelan.

                                                                                                            Whelan was detained in a Moscow hotel back in 2018 – he was accused by the Russians of being involved in an intelligence operation. The United States and his family deny these allegations.  In 2020, he was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

                                                                                                            Detained American Paul Whelan told CNN he is “disappointed” the Biden administration has not done more to secure his release, meaning he’s been left behind in Russia after fellow detained American Brittney Griner was freed on Thursday.

                                                                                                            “I am greatly disappointed that more has not been done to secure my release, especially as the four-year anniversary of my arrest is coming up. I was arrested for a crime that never occurred,” he said in an exclusive phone call from the penal colony where he is being held in a remote part of Russia. “I don’t understand why I’m still sitting here.”

                                                                                                            Republican Rep. Mike Waltz, a former Green Beret, asked: ‘Where is U.S. Marine Paul Whelan, who has been unjustly held by Russia for far longer? Celebrities over veterans?’  ‘Biden gave up a Russian arms dealer in exchange for an anti-American WNBA player, while leaving US Marine Paul Whelan to rot in a Russian prison. This is an abomination.’

                                                                                                            Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a former pilot in the U.S. Air Force, also cried foul.  ‘So a basketball star is released, we can celebrate, but what about Paul Whelan? An American unjustly detained for years,’ he tweeted.

                                                                                                            Former Marine Still Detained In Russia “Disappointed” Biden Admin Hasn’t Done More To Secure His Release – “I Don’t Understand Why I’m Still Sitting Here”

                                                                                                          • #105443
                                                                                                            Patricia N.

                                                                                                              NBC Scrubs Bombshell Report That Russia Offered America Brittney Griner OR Paul Whelan in Exchange for Viktor Bout – Biden Had a Choice:

                                                                                                              NBC News scrubbed its bombshell report that Russia offered the US Brittney Griner OR former Marine Paul Whelan in exchange for the “Merchant of Death.”

                                                                                                              Joe Biden on Thursday announced he traded the world’s most wanted fugitive, Russian Viktor Bout, AKA, the “Merchant of Death” for pot-smoking anti-American baller Brittney Griner.

                                                                                                              However, according to NBC News, Joe Biden had a choice: Brittney Griner OR Paul Whelan.  NBC scrubbed its initial report after conservatives pointed out it contradicted the White House’s talking points.

                                                                                                              NBC Scrubs Bombshell Report That Russia Offered America Brittney Griner OR Paul Whelan in Exchange for Viktor Bout – Biden Had a Choice

                                                                                                            • #105506
                                                                                                              Patricia N.

                                                                                                                Latest Twitter Files Report Reveals Twitter Banned US President Trump at the Behest of Michelle Obama and Others:

                                                                                                                The latest Twitter Files report released on Saturday night reveals Twitter took down President Trump’s account at the behest of Michelle Obama and other Democrats.

                                                                                                                The Deep State and Democrats blamed President Trump for the violence at the US Capitol following his speech at the Ellipse in Washington DC on January 6.

                                                                                                                Former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter the day after former first lady Michelle Obama and others demanded the company “permanently” remove him, according to the newest “Twitter Files” installment.  In addition to the former first lady, the Anti-Defamation League, among several other prominent people and organizations called for Trump’s ban.


                                                                                                              • #105521

                                                                                                                  There is no end to the insanity of those that have been turned over to reprobate minds!  The destruction of the greatest nation ever formed!  And the sealing of our way of life over to the judgements of God!  Sin not only runs rampant, but is celebrated!  TR

                                                                                                                • #105532

                                                                                                                    Hoping we are long gone :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup: :flyup:  before this happens …


                                                                                                                    Per ZeroHedge.com

                                                                                                                    Digital Currency: The Fed Moves Toward Monetary Totalitarianism


                                                                                                                    And the US is getting ready to establish its own CBDC (or something similar). The first step was taken in August, when the Fed announced FedNow. FedNow will be an instant payment system and is scheduled to be launched between May and July 2023.

                                                                                                                    – Fair Use –

                                                                                                                  • #105533

                                                                                                                      Yes! Hope we are gone before May 2023!

                                                                                                                    • #105594
                                                                                                                      So Ready

                                                                                                                        Roger Stone claims “a demonic portal opened above the White House” when the Bidens moved in and “demons populate the Biden administration”



                                                                                                                        Fair Use

                                                                                                                      • #105606

                                                                                                                          Wouldn’t doubt it in the least!  Sadly many more portals are now open!  Just awaiting our redemption and His judgements!  For when the limits of His patience are reached an accounting before a righteous judge and then a reckoning!  TR

                                                                                                                        • #105621
                                                                                                                          Patricia N.

                                                                                                                            What Are They Hiding? Govt. Releases More than 13,000 Documents Related to JFK Assassination – But FBI-CIA are Still Withholding 3% of the Documents:

                                                                                                                            In 2017 President Trump approved the release of approximately 2800 long-classified JFK assassination records.  News outlets from around the globe furiously combed through the files in search of more pieces to the puzzling death of President John F. Kennedy.  President Trump released a second trove of documents later that year.

                                                                                                                            One of the documents revealed that Democrat President Lyndon Johnson was a KKK member.  This was not a surprise.  The Ku Klux Klan was founded as the activist wing of the Democratic Party.

                                                                                                                            On Thursday the National Archives released thousands of the JFK documents.

                                                                                                                            But the FBI-CIA would not allow the release of all of the documents. Around 3% of the JFK documents are still being withheld from release to the public — more than 50 years after the assassination.

                                                                                                                            What are they hiding?

                                                                                                                            What Are They Hiding? Govt. Releases More than 13,000 Documents Related to JFK Assassination – But FBI-CIA are Still Withholding 3% of the Documents

                                                                                                                            • #105628
                                                                                                                              So Ready

                                                                                                                                Those who killed JFK still have power over this country.

                                                                                                                                Most of You know very well who these usual suspects are.

                                                                                                                            • #105658

                                                                                                                                Many theories over the years, but recently a mafia boss who is now a man of faith claims the mafia help get him elected but didn’t live up to certain expectations!  Some also speculate globalists ad bankers killed him for wanting to dismantle the federal reserve!  And VP Johnson was complicit!???  TR

                                                                                                                              • #105663
                                                                                                                                Patricia N.

                                                                                                                                  Democrats push legislation to block Trump from holding office again:

                                                                                                                                  A group of House Democrats is backing legislation to prohibit former President Donald Trump from ever holding office again.

                                                                                                                                  The legislation accuses Trump of involvement in “insurrection” and points to the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to assert that Trump is not eligible to hold office again.


                                                                                                                                • #105672


                                                                                                                                    So love the thoughts of our upcoming transformation!


                                                                                                                                  • #105687
                                                                                                                                    Patricia N.

                                                                                                                                      Jim Jordan: Even Democrats Say We’ve Got to Do Something About Biden’s ‘Intentional’ Border Crisis:

                                                                                                                                      During Thursday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox News @ Night,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) noted how Democrats are starting to criticize the Biden administration’s handling of the southern border, which Jordan said was intentional.

                                                                                                                                      “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just gotten to the point where it is so bad that even Democrats say we got to do something,” he said. “Now, I think it’s interesting because I think they intentionally created this situation when they got rid of all the good policies that were put in by the Trump administration. I think it’s been intentional the whole way because you can’t have the record numbers we’ve had, and it not be intentional.”

                                                                                                                                      “You can’t have a Secretary of Homeland Security comes in front of Congress and tells us the border secure,” Jordan continued. “And now you have this situation that we’ve seen now that you guys have reported better than anyone day after day after day. So, I don’t know what’s going on. Obviously, the Title 42 is coming to an end here. So, what’s prompted this? I don’t know.”


                                                                                                                                    • #105873

                                                                                                                                        Continue here.

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