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      Last time I did it was in 2013. I posted a story featuring Joe Barker, the cartoon character in my avatar, in a story called “Joe Barker, Bible Salesman.”

      I’m thinking about posting another Joe Barker story or two, if I get around to writing them. As before, they would be funny-animal comic book stories in prose form.

      As before, they would be more-or-less spiritual (leaning further towards “less spiritual” than “more spiritual”).

      The story ideas that popped into my head today are as follows:

      1. Joe wants to start a church band.

      2. Joe wants to join an existing church band.

      3. Joe wants the secret recipe for a special dish he encounters at a church potluck.

      4. Joe wants to join an exclusive Sunday school class taught by a celebrity.

      5. Joe wants to get his Bible signed by a celebrity.

      6. Joe wants to customize a church bus to survive traveling through rough neighborhoods.

      7. Joe wants to work out the blueprints for his Heavenly mansion now, so he won’t be disappointed when he gets to Heaven.

      8. Joe wants to win a golf game he is playing against someone he is sure is the Devil in disguise.

      9. Joe wants to win a surfing contest he gets into with Jonah and his pet whale.

      10. Joe wants to impress his Sunday school class with a garden party set in Joe’s idea of what the Garden of Eden might have been like.

      11. Joe wants to become a missionary to hipsters.

      12. Joe wants to start a virtual VBS with robot teachers and helpers.



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        Looking forward to reading about Joe, Mark.  For sure!  Thanks in advance.

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          I love short stories, especially ones with a message.  Go for it!  :yes:

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          Avatar photoScott

            Mark–remember me-The Scarby the dog owner!  Yes!  I know a thing or two about fictional characters!  I was on the old Ritan website  and now I have risen  from my prison–not a real prison just a self made  container without windows  and just a water jug for bathing! Hee! Hee!

            Your ideas seem like a great adventure! You could provide a bunch of earthy detail that others can relate to and insert in each adventure a good moral or spiritual lesson–afterall  the christian market is full of such fictional  novels and cartoon ones at that—veggie tales!!!  Talking vegatables-can I get a witness or can I get another can of pork and beans-or can I get a fitness–thats if you want to get on a vegan diet!!

            Mark I do believe you once shared with me on old Rita about  Joe Barker-I do remember that logo and if I were you I would heed some  most ardent  spiritual  advice–occupy until He comes-in other words use your gifts of creative writing!!

            I would walk a mile in  Joes shoes!

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