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      Hi again everyone.  I tried to post this on prayer page but it is closed for submission.  Would you pray for my daughter, D?  She is 18 and is doubting her faith among some other issues she is having.  My husband and I decided to send her on Amir Tsarfati’s young adult tour of Israel in June.  Please pray for her to be able to say as Thomas did “My Lord and My God!”.   She has been very acquainted with apologetics and knows the evidence.  She also is well versed on end times and prophecy.  Please pray for no sickness or trip delay and that she would be solidified in her faith.   Also for protection of course as things heat up over there.

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      I have come to that place three times in my 52 year walk. Each time I doubted my faith I spent time being very critical and deliberate in my research and each time I concluded that if there is a god then the only thing that made sense to me was the Gospel and each time I put my faith on trial I always came back stronger. I don’t bother testing it anymore. I only say this because I have found it can be a good thing to put our faith through the fire. With that said I will pray for your daughter to come back with a renewed and deeper faith in Jesus.

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      My experience is similar to your Yohanan and I have discovered God does not seem to mind an honest healthy debate and He will always come out the winner, and even though we come out the “loser” it always makes our faith stronger.  We should all strive to be Jacob like wrestlers that might come out a little bruised, but ultimately come out as an Israel on the other side of the wrestling match.

      Regan I will add your daughter to my prayers as well.  I have two adult children that are both good kids, good citizens, with good jobs, but I do wish that they had a bit of a closer walk, but I know that I have raised them in the faith as I am certain you have with your daughter also, and I trust them into the Lord’s hands that He will keep them even if they stray a little bit before they keep to the straight path.

      Grown children teach us to pray with fervor…..

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      Will certainly be praying for her and also for you and your family. Sometimes the growing pains still continue after the kids are “technically” adults, and this world is set to challenge them at every turn. Trust in the promise….train a child up in the way that he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. I know it is hard to watch them go through things that you can’t fix, they have to do their growing up just like we did. It is great that she will get to go to Amir’s young adult tour, I think that will be a great experience for her and his teachings are solid.

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      Indeed we are eternally sealed the moment we invite Christ into our hearts!

      Again, God would tell us not to look to ourselves and our vascilating faith but to the Lord and His keeping power!

      Though our own hearts fail us, He will never leave nor forsake!


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      Thank you church family.

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