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      Our sister Heidi has Hurt her leg, she is in a lot of pain. Please pray healing and pain relief for her. And pray comfort as she is very upset and concerned.

      Thank you

      YBIC Blake :prayer-hands:

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      Heavenly Father, we lift up Heidi before you now.  Asking for your tender mercies and grace to be poured out upon her.  Lift her Lord in body, soul and spirit.  May your compassion overflow and bathe her in the warmth of your healing virtue!

      Heidi, you are loved by all of us here at Ritan and more so by the Jesus!  Thank the Lord for never leaving you or forsaking you.  Thank Him in advance that your healing may be sent to you.  Give Him your tears and your trust that He knows best.

      Love & blessings…TR


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      :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands: :prayer-hands:

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      Hello precious siblings,

      My knee has been injured twice since 2011. It acts up every now and then. It became painful again a month ago and I had a lot of pain and struggled to walk for almost 3 weeks. I went to my naturopathic doctor and started doing some natural remedies. Last Sunday, I experienced relief for the first time and I was thankful. I prayed that my knee never gets injured again.

      There have been scams going on, people calling pretending to be from the government and threatening to arrest you. although I knew it was a scam, it was still unnerving to get these calls. I hung up on them and blocked them more than once. yesterday, I was checking my voice mail at work and there was  a message threatening to arrest me. I was really angry, I got off my desk ready to call the police and ask them how come they can’t do anything about these people, I was upset and not thinking clearly, my foot got tangled in a cable and I fell hard on the same knee.

      I was shocked, not again, not the same knee and I have been praying about it! I was in tears, a colleague came rushing. she is so sweet, she used to be a pediatrician in her home country. I told her to please not to tell anyone, that i want to be left alone. she got me ice and did not tell anyone. I had to teach a class. I managed it but there was so much swelling and i could not walk anymore. I was really scared. anyway, by the evening I was able to walk again, the pain is not bad. I was able to go to work today. I think the prayers did it.

      I am so tired of this evil world and evil people and I don’t understand praying to God that that knee does not get hurt again and I fall hard on it again. I am confused about so many things but it’s Ok. I am hanging in there.

      Tender Reed thank you so much for the lovely prayer and kind words.

      Loz and Jozefina, thank you so much for you prayers.

      Blake, thank you so much for posting this prayer request.

      thank you very much Mom of 2, Regina, Ruth,

      love you all.

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