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      Perhaps Today

      Things have been very quite on here for a few days now – just wondering if it is the quite before the storm……

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      Hopefully so!  Bless the Lord for His goodness, sovereignty and wisdom!

      May He be glorified each and every day!  Indeed His Will is being accomplished!

      Our redemption draweth nigh!


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      We indeed shall be lifted above the storm of His wrath!

      Would love to know exactly how much more time we have in this realm!

      And if such knowledge is available, it can only come from the lord Himself!


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      I sense that few are posting for lack of something new to offer.  A broken record…  A broken record…  A broken record…  A broken record…  A broken record…  A broken record…  Even all the “news” is old!  As Solomon declared, ” … and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new?” … ”

      RITAN: Royally Interested, but Tired And Numb

      :popcorn :scratch:


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      Lee Giblin

      Well, I have tomorrow, Fri as a high watch day.  The Chabad calendar.


      15 Av
      12 August

      15 Av
      Light Candles before sunset ––:––
      Jewish History
      End of Dying in Desert
      Ban on Inter-Tribal Marriage Lifted
      Tribe of Benjamin Re-Admitted
      Jeroboam’s Roadblocks Removed
      Betar Dead Buried
      Matchmaking Day
      “The Day of the Breaking of the Ax”

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      Lol Dan, sooo true!


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      I saw on a post or page somewhere that suggested that September 11th was the day that Jesus started preaching…which of course would have been a different day in the Hebrew calendar. I don’t see anywhere in scripture that it confirmed the day that he started. What is known is that he preached for 3 and 1/2 years and that the crucifixion was in Nisan or usually in March/April and six months prior is Sept/Oct time frame.

      Complete conjecture here but what if the 2000 years is counted not from the resurrection but from the time that He started preaching and declared who He is? So if the resurrection happened in the spring of 32 AD His preaching likely started in fall of 29…..so then a triumphant return in 2029 would be 2000 years since Jesus first walked on earth as the rightful King, even though His kingdom will be fulfilled in the millennium…… just thinking out loud and hoping for this time frame, this year :prayer-hands:

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