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      dave dave

      There has been talk about  June 15, 2022 as a high watch day.   153 fish meaning the 15th day of 3rd month.  Now, I have read that some are saying that the 15th day of the 3rd month on the “Creators Calendar” is June 29,2022.  I don’t fully understand the “Creators Calendar”, but there are websites that explain it.

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      Thanks for the heads up Dave Dave, that’s our biggest problem is knowing “what time is it?” And what date is correct?  There are so many calendars and we just don’t know which one God is using.   It has so far, unfortunately kept us bound under the old “ no man knows the day or hour” thing. But God is not the author of confusion, so I pray He would clear things up for us as the time draws closer.

      In Daniel, chapter 9, we see Daniel given the 70 weeks prophecy. This is the “mother” of all timeline prophecies giving a specific start time and length in duration – but we often overlook – why was this revelation given?

      Because Daniel was confused about “what time is it Lord?”  The chapter opens up by Daniel stating that he read the book Jeremiah and thought he understood what it meant by the 70 years appointed to Judah and was wondering why Judah had not been restored because it was getting pretty close.

      That reminds me of us today.  We know that we are on the cusp of 6000 years of the rule of man, we also know that we are on the cusp of the end of the fig tree generation, a new Shmitta cycle and possibly even a jubilee year.  Like Daniel, we have some understanding of the times, but not a perfect one.  We just don’t know what calendar God is using.  So like Daniel, we should all confess and repent of our sins and the sins of our nation and ask for wisdom and perhaps God will reveal to us a much more clearer picture and clear up the confusion.  Or He could come get us today, that would be A-OK with me too!

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      Indeed revelation for Daniel, revelation for us to clear up the confusion!


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      I am a planner, always have been. I am always thinking about the future and making plans around it, financial, celebratory, work, holidays, vacations, appointments…all the things that can be planned. I don’t assume that I will be here for those plans but I make them just the same, just how I am wired…..which is what makes watching and waiting and yearning for the Rapture conflict with my planning habits! I want so much to go to our eternal Home yet I make plans as though we will remain for a time. Now I don’t plan near as far into the future as I used to, not decades or years…..now it’s pretty much only weeks to months, no farther than about 6 months.  I know that we are in the season, so many feel it in our spirit and we can see all the effects of the coming tribulation start to form before our very eyes, so much more than a couple of years ago even. We can see the coming effects of the four horseman developing now, and if we can see that we have to be on the cusp. I really wish I didn’t even have to plan dinner tonight, and if the Lord decides to come today….I’m good with that!

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      In my forty plus years of being a Watcher I’ve heard many, many theories as to when the Rapture would happen. Many of us were Watchers back in 1988 when the “88 Reasons The Rapture Will Be In 1988” was very popular and compelling. It took the eschatology world by storm! Now if my calculator did the math right 😉 that was 34 years ago………and we are still here. We watch because we love our Lord and are so ready to be with Him and to be free from sin but as Watchers we have become quite well acquainted with the disappointment of a favorite high watch date coming and going. Most here remember 2015 and the huge let down that followed. It’s part of being a Watcher. But lately I’ve been reading a lot about “this calendar or that calendar” and it seems to me that the concept is used to try and revitalize a missed high watch date that had so much work put into. We’ve all seen these elaborate video presentations that took a tremendous amount of research and work to produce and then their prediction passes. So this “what calendar is God using” comes up. Personally (and this is not “thus sayeth  the moderator but just some dude hanging out in the balcony) I don’t think there are all these different calendars, I think we just don’t have enough information. Since “no man knows the day or the hour” is from Matthew chapter 24 then we know it is referring to Christ’s Second Coming and not the Rapture since Matt 24 is for the Jews during the Trib and not the Church, which had not even been established at that time and would have simply confused the apostles if it were about us. So that implies that we can possibly figure out the day, though probably not the hour, of the Rapture. God’s understanding is vastly superior to ours and so it’s not surprising that we miss the mark so often. I’m of the belief that the Shemitah Cycle theory has merit because it is logical and it seems to line up with the way God does things so I am still very hopeful that we will be taken home sometime between now and Oct 5th. If we are still here after that time I will no longer entertain anyone’s favorite high watch dates but simply live out the rest of my days hoping every morning that that day will be the day He comes for us. Given everything we see going on around us we KNOW we are at the end of the Church Age. We just don’t know the day of our departure, and we may not know it until it happens. Or maybe someone will finally figure it out. So be of good cheer. Another day has passed but that just means we are one day closer!

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      I’m just looking up every day from here on out …any day its going to happen.


      We know this at least …

      I Thess 4:16-17 is the rapture passage

      I Thess 5:3 is for the left behind …

      For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


      Per Fox News  June 14, 2022

      The White House announced Tuesday that President Biden will embark on a Middle East trip in July that will see him visit Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia.

      The trip, scheduled for July 13-16, will include meetings with a number of world leaders for discussions on a host of issues including security, energy, climate issues, human rights and the growing threat of Iran.

      “President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. will visit the Middle East region from July 13-16 to reinforce the United States’ iron-clad commitment to Israel’s security and prosperity and attend a Summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council plus Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan (known as the GCC+3),” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement. “He will also meet with counterparts from across the region, to advance U.S. security, economic, and diplomatic interests.”

      – Fair Use –

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      Love is long suffering and always hopeful!  Our blessed hope is truly most precious to those who love Him!

      What teaching or high watch date we choose to get excited about varies!  That has already been established!

      On the upside, He is faithful and true!  Indeed we are already seated in heavenly places!!!


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      Nann Zinn

      I have been studying the dating of Pentecost and how it relates to the wheat harvest(s). This article breaks down the Hebrew and English grammar of Leviticus 23:15, 16, clarifying the numbering of 50 days, to start after the 7th Sabbath (Shavuot).  This puts Pentecost in the Summer, positioned between the Spring and Fall Feasts, like the center candle on the menorah.

      I resonate so strongly with the harvest festivals being a dual harvest representation: souls as well as food.

      The requirement of the men to appear in Jerusalem at the 3 harvest feasts seems significant.

      Interestingly, when the Holy Spirit came on the waiting followers of Christ, they were thought to have been drinking ‘new wine.’  New wine would coincide with the second, Summer wheat harvest, not the Spring wheat harvest.

      I love that the Holy Spirit fulfilled Pentecost, but strongly suspect our Lord Jesus, will also fulfill Pentecost, Himself.  Then Father God, at Mt Sinai, the Holy Spirit with the waiting 120, and our Lord Jesus at a future Pentecost, will have all specifically participated in this appointed time.

      I am eagerly watching and waiting.  God always surprises me.  These are just my wonderings…

      I would love to know your thoughts.

      The Two WHEAT Harvests and How the Rabbis Eliminated …
      https://www.hope-of-israel.org › 2wheatharvests


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        Nann Zinn

        (Father God and the giving of the law at Mt Sinai, only if it was at Pentecost, 50 days after Shavuot, not Sivan 6).

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        That’s interesting that you posted this because I have been researching the same thing…there are  a few websites that include calculating Pentecost this way which would land it on July 23rd. There are a couple things to me that would lend support to this which include how long new grain takes to mature and new wine. There have been many people say that both of these can be ready in June but July seems to be a better timing for it. Jesus also says in John 4:35 “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months until the harvest’? I tell you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are riped for harvest.” Four months from the beginning of Nisan would be near the end of July, and this verse that Jesus spoke gives evidence that some type of big harvest comes after 4 months, which to me would support the Pentecost feast being at that time and Leviticus seems in my interpretation to suggest that they count 7 weeks from Passover then add 50 days.

        Like Patricia, I hope it is this weekend but if not then I will look at July and every day in between, come Lord Jesus :dieu:

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      Nann, I certainly would not eliminate the possibility of the 99 day count.  I have seen that interpretation before and personally have not subscribed to it, but I am also humble enough to know that I am a dummy and might not understand the day count instructions correctly or I might be misunderstanding the way God intended it to be interpreted.  I will readily admit it seems like it could read either way.

      Lu Vega did a chart and an article on it at 5 doves this week making a case also for the 99 day count.  I did a thread a few weeks ago on Pentecost and talked about just what a mysterious date it is to calculate.  So in short I am all in for July 23 or the 22nd would be even better, or even better than that, today would not hurt my feelings at all!

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      So odd that a few of us have been doing the calendar research — Have you ever noticed that God does not name the days of the week (no where in scripture) – Sunday, Monday etc… those are actually Roman names given via the Gregorian calendar and are symbolic of false gods —- Sunday = day of the sun; Monday = day of the moon; Tuesday = Ares (Greek god of war); etc….

      God states the moon for the sabbath — Isaiah 66:23 “From new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath, all flesh shall come to worship before me, declares the LORD.”

      In Numbers 28:11, the New Moon offering is commanded for the first time: “On the first of every month, present to the Lord a burnt offering of two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs a year old, all without defect.”

      God only states dates such as first day, second day, third day, etc… Not an actual date. The new moon begins the first day and the waning of no moon is the last day of the month.

      Leviticus 23:10-11 “Speak to the people of Israel and say to them, When you come into the land that I give you and reap its harvest, you shall bring the sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest, and he shall wave the sheaf before the LORD, so that you may be accepted. On the day after the Sabbath the priest shall wave it.“

      As Jesus is our High Priest who will bring his Firstfruits (the bride) on the day after the Sabbath. Maybe the 22nd day of the month as 22 is the number of the cross (Psalms 22:2: “My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?” )

      Do we go 50 days from there :unsure:  — still studying through it.

      Just some interesting tidbits that I have been looking into …. May be way off but it is like God is trying to tell us something with so many people looking at calendars now – curious! :prayer-hands:

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