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      I was out walking this morning, as is my routine these days while I continue to look for work.  It was hot and humid, but then all of the sudden the front edge of a cold front arrived.  The temperature dropped significantly, the wind picked up, and the clouds moved in.  It was clearly getting ready to storm.

      As I finished my walk and watched this phenomenon take place before my eyes, I sensed the Lord bring an old Rich Mullins tune to mind.  The song is called Ready for the Storm.  I understood it metaphorically from the Lord to be saying that those who are truly His are ready for both the possibility of a storm while we are still here before the rapture takes place, as well as being prepared for the ultimate storm of the wrath of God that will take place in Daniel’s 70th week.

      If you have a few minutes, give a listen and see if the Spirit does not speak to you from the perspective described above.  We ARE ready for the storm, only because of the grace of God and the righteousness of Jesus.  Maranatha!!!


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      Had not yet seen Dana C’s latest dream video about what he believes the Lord showed him is coming in September before I authored the original post on this thread.  Having just watched it, the juxtaposition is striking to me.

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