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      Again, having always believed that the Rapture would occur in the Springtime I submit that Resurrection Day as a real possibility.

      Many have aligned themselves with one of the Feast Days, but the first three feast days were already fulfilled at His First coming.  Leaving only the Fall feasts as then being viable.  The Jewish connection has always been a predominate choice.  But then again, the Rapture mostly involves Gentiles!

      We do have the testimony of the Song of Solomon and the warning that summer is near.  Why wouldn’t the resurrection of Christ himself be more of a template then for the Church?

      Forty days after His resurrection, He Himself ascended, witnessed by three disciples, confirmed by two angels, and conferred with Moses & Elijah.  Which makes sense.  His resurrection being a type and shadow of our resurrection we witness His confirming Moses and Elijah as the two end time witnesses.  For the days of their final ministry begin immediately after the Rapture!  Indeed yet springtime, but just before summer!

      The Jewish Feast Days were given to the Jews, and speaks directly to them!  Remembering as well that though Sabbath was on saturday for the Jew,  the Church sabbath was on Sunday,  This shift or delienation speaks to me as a shift away from a Feast Day Rapture! :good:

      Forty days after Resurrection Sunday brings us to May 31st I believe!

      What do you think??? :wacko:

      Tender Reed



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      Yep, in agreement with you … the last 2 days of May are very high watch.   I already have May 30th circled  since its Ascension Day … I will circle the 31st as well. :mail:

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      So Ready

      Thanks, Tenderreed and Geri7.

      Another watch day for me is tomorrow, 13th of May 2019, by the way, this is 100 % speculation.

      Even though Israel celebrated their 71st last week based on their calendar.

      Our calendar has a couple more days to go, including today.

      And, GOD has a chance to bless the 2nd day of the week with the RAPTURE of the Church.

      Cheers, Siblings.



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      Leaving Soon

      Considering resurrection day is before the peace plan is suppose to be unveiled it’s looking better than Pentecost.

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      Again, His ascension is a template, or foreshadow!   :wacko:

      As such, this would seem to me to be a prophetic high watch day.   We have many markers which suggest the nearness of the Rapture!

      Starting with Israel’s rebirth as a nation!  Cyrus revisited in a man called Trump!  And as suggested on another post, while Americans are busy trying to apologize to the rest of the world, the Church seemingly is doing the same.

      Pastors refusing to feed His sheep, speak of the Rapture or teach upon the prophetic Word!  All towards the end of political correctness, not wanting to alienate anyone!  Not wanting to lose their financial base.  A form of godliness, but denying the power thereof!

      Just sermonettes, for Christianettes!

      Add to this the plethora of false teachers and prophets, teaching for their own gain.  Advocating one fad teaching after another!

      Please let it be Ascension Day, the day that we are also lifted up!!! :yes: :yahoo:

      We’ll see!



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        TR, I pray this is so! We are also in the Bride season, so the Father could tell the Son, “Go get your Bride (the church)”. The restrainer will go with us but the HS will still work to win the tribulation saints. I don’t hold to a feast day, but I hold to seasons. As you mentioned, we have completed a 70 year cycle. Psalms 90:10 says 70 years and by strength 80 (the rate we have sped up the prophetic clock another 10 years is not even feasible), we toil and then fly away (stretch – but rapture).  Rev. 19:7 :yes: :prayer-hands: :agree

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        I would agree. The Bible clearly makes a distinction between Israel and the church. The rapture is a coming for His church and then He goes back to dealing with Israel in the tribulation. I do not believe the rapture will have anything to do with a Jewish festival or holiday unless the rapture occurred on Pentecost (and only because this is a Jewish festival that just so happens to be the same day the Holy Spirit came). I believe Ascension day could be a front runner.

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      Hi, TR.  You said, “I submit that Resurrection Day as a real possibility.” I infer you are not thinking of next year’s Resurrection Sunday.  That proposal gives me shivers.  Did you mean Ascension Day?  I suppose so.  That’s a shiver-free date!!  :-)

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      Yes, I am viewing Ascension Day as our resurrection day!  Being resurrected from this life and off this rock called Earth.

      Rest assured, I’ll take whatever day comes first, I ain’t picky   But my point being is that it doesn’t necessarily have to happen on a Feast Day!

      Fact is there’s many a good argument that can be made for a dozen other days!




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