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      Just had to share 1 other thing I came upon, yesterday.

      If it’s allowed, do a internet search on: The Cashless Hell World

      It’s a about 20 minutes long vid and it deals with the already started complete control of buying or selling, even for basic needs.

      Like the picture on the start of the vid says: ‘Your bank (account) has been deleted? Too bad’. :negative:

      I knew things like that video presentation where going to happen sometime.

      I just didn’t think it would start this soon, like it has now. :-(

      This is horrifying. But no fear for our father’s got this.

      Apologies for the swear word on a respondents picture in the beginning showing and hope that is the only one.


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      Todd Tomlinson

      The beautiful thing for us is we’re already gone and celebrating in our forever home.

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      Kind of reminds me of the 1972 vintage, campy, “A Thief in the Night” flick, and the sequels.  These movies, though a bit hippy have a scary realism for non-believers left behind.

      Another more recent, interesting movie that could suggest what happens in the trib, to those who don’t submit to some mark and be transformed, is the 2004 film, “The Chronicles of Riddick.”  The plot is that all outer space worlds are being systematically taken over by this totalitarian race called the “Necro Mongers” who are forcing these normal worlds and everyone to submit to their “Under Verse” and to undergo this transformation involving taking their mark and then become what they refer to as now members of this Under Verse and members of the “Half Dead’s.” This race of Necro’s insists that the universe is out of balance and their Under Verse has come to rebalance everything.  But, for those who refuse to submit to this “offer” of transformation, they are killed by having their souls taken from them.  (Maybe this film’s director did some reading up in Revelation.)
      Caution: this like most all the space hero/anti-hero movies has lots of violence and some suggestive sexual scenes.  And it’s not like these left behind movies with a direct Christian message.  So, I’m not suggesting you watch this movie; just telling you about its plot.



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      Evil knows no bounds, never has never will!  Unrestrained evil is but a heartbeat away!  Heeeere’s lucifer!  TR

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