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        To those of you new members who are new comers to the new site which for some of us old  folks  who have been members of the older  forum which was earlier then the new web place  but  had  been here way before the new  forum which  is now on this  new place that has both old a new members alike–in other words to everyone NOW!

        I had a fictional dog on the old Ritan now website called Scarby!  He was a time traveling animal who went through space and time in a washing machine dryer–it wasn’t a free trip at all- he had to put quarters into the slot to make the drum tumble–which building up momentum  cause his fur to gather friction and once he gathered into a kinetic ball of fluff–he went zapp! and  flew through  the worn tunnel of time to a designated  place in history to try and change  mankind at one small step for beastkind!

        Well believe it or not Scarby came back through this disconjoined wormhole of time and space and he  has landed on my front lawn with his head stuck in the snow pileup and his two back legs jetting straight up in the air – as if he had a hard but soft landing in the snow !

        When  I came to examine his  limp carcass in the bank of snow I knew he was fine from the melted hole around his mussel which was caused by his bad hot breath!

        When he came too-what do you think his first words were to his  master? Not–Oh how I missed you  these short long years–Or  Boy did I miss those times together we had near the fireplace on those cold winter nights—No!!!

        Instead   the first thing out of  his drooling mouth was—-Is dinner ready yet??!!!

        Well after dinner which consisted of  warm milk  in a bowl  with  buttered toast and cinnamon  —  on the floor —  then Scarby  was next to eat his meal at  the table which was a poterhouse steak and mashed potatoes  with  brown steak gravy and onion rings from Arbys!

        I like this  above paragraph so good that what more do ya need!!  Its a story of a man and his imaginary dog friend!!

        Buy the way MODS   could you help a stupid computer hack out and post old  plump Scarby’s foto   where  my  shadow figure profilde pic is at– I am soo bad at this computer wiz  biz!!  Thanks


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          Oh, Scott…I have missed your zany…and wonderful posts so much!!  Thanks for reappearing along with The Amazing Scarby in our sometimes humdrum lives!!!!!    :rose:     :thankyou     :yahoo:

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          Avatar photoScott

            Glorybound  !  Thanks  but–more thanks—Hee! Hee!   I agree! We need more  fun and joy and  comfort in our cunundrum and humdrum lives!!

            I have had the worst winter in my life this past year!!  It has been sooo difficult for me to keep it together with things to do and projects to fulfill!  I even contemplated ways to exit this life of  frustrations after frustrations– I wasn’t  giving up on my faith or falling away from the Lord– I just wanted out of this  terrible existance and  on my way to the better life in heaven with my Lord and Savior!

            I feel sorry for those people in this world who don’t have a life-in other words I feel sorry for ME!! Hee Hee!

            The christian life is the most exciting life in the world–if only we can  get ourselves out of the drivers seat and let the Lord  do the  driving!  Its hard to have a WHEEL to live in these times–  I was like a bum STEERing wheel!!  Give me a BRAKE!  on the  Pedal said the metal!  Go off the road  if you don’t do what you’re told; land in a ditch if you listen to a fortunetelling witch;  have to be towed to town- if you act like a clown—wait a minute-I am a clown–lets not use this last  statement!!

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              Lol!  Well said brother.  Let go and let God!  So hard to let go though, I might fall or get myself into even worse trouble.  Fear based thinking, gotta hate it!

              No doubt the Lord chuckles at our attempts to amuse one another with our musings.  Duh, what’s a musing?

              In any event, you know what they say about the tears of a clown.  He constantly trips himself up.



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                I so much more enjoy your fellow-shipping Scott, over an imaginary friend. :rose:  

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                  Yaaay!!! Our beloved SCARBY is back!!! Glad to see you too Scott :yahoo:

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                  Avatar photoScott

                    Kolleen  thanks so much for your Fellow-shipping ! By the way I have been in the past doing a lot of Beverage  Yellow-Sipping  -Mountain Dew– Now I have  been looking at giving it a more healthy uplift to my diet–I now am deluting my  drinks with spring water  and just putting enough of the dew in the water to give it that great dew taste but without all the sugar intake!  People can actually  extend these high sugar beverages by just adding water to the drink–one  16 oz bottle can  be made into three bottles with water delution and you wouldn’t  know the difference!  I’m just saying!

                    Thank you very much  NoFearJust Faith! You gave  me a great idea on maybe my next Scarby story– How about a title   like  Scarby Goes Fishing:  No Beer Just BAIT!! Get it –its a place on words from your user name–I like it!!


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                        NoFearJutFaith—-Friend I was about to do a story on Scarby called No Beer  Just Bait  when the library’s computer shut down on me– it was close to  closing time and sometimes they turn off early–I was about halfway done with the  story and  it disappeared— I hope that I can soon come up with another story on this same topic–but  that is when I came up with the Space KRAFT story instead!!  Which was the next day!   Just letting you know that I was working on the  project-then the  lab went dark!!  Who let the DOGS Out?  Roff-Roff—-Roff Roff!!

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