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      I used to be an avid scrapbooker. But in 2015, I stopped. Why spend all this time organizing photos when I could be doing other things, especially with the return of the Lord so close? But now, I’ve pulled out my computer and I’m organizing those years of photos for the sake of my children. Partly because we just had one of them graduate high school, and I was frustrated at the un-sorted years.

      Maybe this will be for naught. Maybe Jesus will return next month. Or maybe I’ll have grand children and great-grandchildren who will appreciate my efforts. As hard as that is to fathom right now, I never thought we’d be in June 2019.

      Why scrapbook? It’s a beautiful way for us as family to recount the goodness of the Lord. We regularly look back and remember. Our own Ebeneezer stones. :)

      So I’m taking a step forward and pulling up the pictures. Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus. Maranatha

      Has anyone else put off things, but are wondering if they should do them?

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      Scrapbooking looks like a fun hobby.  I’m sure in heaven you will be taking tons of new pictures up there and making new memories and can perhaps continue your scrapbooking.  I would love to join you … perhaps there will be different craft clubs?

      I have no ambition to continue my current hobbies (counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, watching Yankee baseball, reading books).  I hope to do all those again in heaven.

      I’m still trying to finish decorating this condo I moved into.  I’ve lost all ambition … I find myself antsy and I rather read prophetic news and post on  rapture forum boards and email people.  Its more calming.  I can still watch youtubes and DVD’s and I spend some time outside gardening but that’s about it.  For the most part I’ve lost interest in most of my hobbies because I feel restless and the thought that Jesus will be taking us home soon, I say why bother in completing those other things since its only going to be left behind and burn anyway.


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      We are to be busy about the Lord’s work and saving memories for the next generation or those to follow can begin important conversations.

      I almost did not start my garden this year, but then felt if God calls me home via rapture, someone else may reap the benefits and need the food. I also put off until this year to begin my PhD program, should have started it 18 months ago, but decided I should go ahead and I am excited to say I have been accepted as a doctoral candidate to begin this August. So many things in life, but we should  remain busy, yet focused, always watching and praying. I guess I have been watching so long, it just is second nature. Believe me, we are almost out of here! Keep scrapbooking until then.

      :prayer-hands: :flyup: :yahoo:


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      Yep. I get it. My husband and I have talked about this not too long ago… not about scrap booking per se. About losing interest in things that use to occupy our time. Things we formally loved to do all the time and had tunnel vision when doing them. There are many things I love to do that I hope will continue on in heaven, but lately, it does not feel like I have time to do much. My day seems to “poof” and be gone and I look back and wonder where it went. Today is my last day of the school year. I am in shock that an entire school year is gone! It feels like it was yesterday when I was pulling out my “first day” outfit and prepping my lesson plans. Hopefully in eternity we will have time to devote to our hobbies. I miss playing piano (not well – hope to change that in heaven), playing my flute, singing in choir, knitting, cross-stitching (gave that up when I had babies), and reading. I have to fight for time just to get chores done each day now – very little downtime. :wacko:

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      Hi BeckyE,

      Many, many times I have thought or actually put off doing things I once enjoyed doing and then 20 years passed by and I came to realize that God gave me talents to use and so I no longer put these things off. We do not know when the Lord will return regardless of the current popular theory. Popular theories have been around since the beginning of the “watcher” movement and yet we are still here. I think God wants us to continue enjoying every day that He has given us, sharing our talents and experiences with others. How else do we connect with people if we have stopped living? It’s much easier for someone to walk up to me and comment on my handiwork than to approach me with no point to connection. Conversations get started and sometimes even opportunities to share our faith take place. We meet people where they are. I encourage you to build those scrapbooks. You never know who’s life they may have an impact on. :)

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