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      I have no happiness in this world anymore,

      I look forward to no earthly treasures,

      My family simply can’t fathom or comprehend,

      Why I don’t seek normal mortal pleasures.


      I’ve sought to insulate myself for protection,

      I’ve tried to bury myself from pain,

      I’m always heading in the opposite direction,

      From anything popular in this temporal domain.


      My colleagues and neighbors sense my ethereal Light,

      But they maintain their distance just the same,

      It validates that a man is not without honor,

      Especially within the household that bears his name.


      My family seeks my prudent ways,

      They require the financial protection I’ve worked to attain,

      But they never step forth with their appreciation,

      And acknowledge their daily shelter from wind and rain.


      Each day is just so difficult — full of angst, dissention, and discord,

      Holding on, hanging in, reaching out to God with all of my might,

      It takes all of my physical and emotional energy,

      Just to combat this perpetual, recurring plight.


      But the unsaved could not care less,

      They feel entitled to their rewards right now,

      They don’t want to hear about Jesus and Salvation,

      Their attitudes and heads they will never bow.


      They don’t realize that when they render me worthless,

      That God has already resurrected me from each grave that I’ve dug,

      I don’t need to hide my pain and sorrow from Him,

      I’m in His Hands – eternally safe and snug!


      So, the lost can continue to chastise me with their words,

      They can continue to debase my faith and belief,

      But it will be to their own detriment at the end of their life,

      When it is too late to request relief.


      Eternity is a long time to burn in misery,

      I am so happy that Jesus saved me from myself,

      He has raised me from the uttermost depths of despair,

      And has placed me on the top shelf!


      Only through Jesus do I live my daily life and find any semblance of comfort, tranquility, or calm.   Without that, I don’t know how I would carry on.

      Thank you Jesus!!!!


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        I am so happy that Jesus saved me from myself,

        Isn’t that the truth!

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        Avatar photoDonna

          Ahhh, that we could look up, while resting on earth’s clovered grass

          Your words are like a psalm, H.I ,   . .  and so, like David, we pray,  ‘help us, “Father” ,

          Oh, Lord,  when will You call us HOME , at last, at last

          To our God ~ ~we do pray, and cry out

          Even when we doubt,  . . though we falter

          we await Your call, . . to carry us to Holy ground


          This earthly journey?   We’re ready, Lord,   Heaven no more kept at bay

          all the more, we embrace Your Truth,  amidst our ncreasing sighs,

          We so can’t wait for the change, for new bodies never to decay

          Each new day,  feeling more ready to fly away,  never to spiritually die


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