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      Humbly Irrelevant


      As we continue to wait, and wait, and wait some more, we still know that Jesus is right there in front of us.  Although we still can’t physically see Him yet, He sees each one of us with absolute Love in His eyes.   He has cleansed us through His Blood and sanctified us through His Sacrifice!  Just a little longer and our wait will be over.  Keep looking up my friends, for the wait will be more than worth it!





      What’s that vision illuminating the shore,

      Across the lake that I adore?

      Among the forms of the whispering pines,

      Is it the mellowed-passage of elasticated time?


      Elevated on the wings of spiritual travel,

      The sands are staggered as the inlets unravel;

      The beaches stand silent for all to hear,

      But because in obscurity, I’m the only one near.


      I’m engulfed in the depths of nature’s sobriety,

      Disengaged from the expoundments of pseudonymous society;

      The reflections from the water lure me ever so near,

      Their images of quiescence are all that appear.


      These shadows on the lake consume my mind,

      Eliciting placidity with the fortune of this find;

      Because of the scenery that emanates and surrounds,

      I return to this orchard where The Rose of Sharon abounds.


      There is no other locale where stress is relieved,

      Where Calm is restored and Peace is achieved;

      Although I can’t yet set foot in this Heavenly place,

      One day I will be able to — by God’s Amazing Grace.


      Though at the present hour the shadow is all I perceive,

      Its future reality will materialize if only I continue to believe;

      Patience and perseverance are required to endure these last days,

      Until Faith is rewarded and the Lord breaks through the mortal haze.

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      Oh, I really enjoyed your poem “Shadows on the Lake”.   So beautiful written.

      I’m a BIG fan of Rose of Sharon trees  (lavender and fuchsia flowers) … I planted 24 mini trees back in 2000 along the front yard property line.  They faithfully bloom showy flowers each summer.  I couldn’t dig them up to transfer them to where I’m living now because they got so big.  Instead the new owner is at least enjoying them.    I can’t wait to see them on display in heaven’s gardens and in the earthly Jerusalem.

      Soon soon we will hear our King call us upward!   Until then we remain on standby watching this world come unglued …

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      Geri, Rose of Sharon bushes are one of my favorites.  They grow well up north, yet the flowers look so tropical.

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      Lovely poem, Humbly,   :thankyou

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      HH – you so brought it again! Thank you! Brought tears of longing to my eyes and peace to my spirit!

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      Whispering pines. :good:

      I do love pine trees. Many are very fragrant and they have many medicinal uses from the bark, sap or the needles.

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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts!

      It makes my heart lighter knowing that anything I write might touch another person in a positive way.  Thank you all for putting up with me for all these years/decades!

      I truly believe that we are at the end of days , and I feel it in my spirit.

      I am very much at the end of my writing days — I have little left to offer anybody that hasn’t already been said.  I believe this will be my last poem.  I am sapped out and my creativity has run dry.

      I thank you all for you encouragement and support over the years.

      The Lord is close — we will all be together soon in His midst!  See you soon!!!

      With love,


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        Humbly – God’s gift to you of words and artistry of using them does not dry up – you will probably write praise and worship poems for eternity brother — Very soon :prayer-hands: :flyup:  So practice those rapture exercise — hands up, eyes up, raise up on the toes, reach for the heavens — one, two three — hold it; relax and again! :flyup: :flyup:

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