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      Shocking Prediction of Coronavirus from 2013!!


      Dec 1st, 2020

      Anthony Patch explaining in 2013 what is happening today.

      “Fair Use For Education and Discussion Purposes”

      Loz :]

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      So that was seven years ago.  Thanks, Loz.  Man, it will sure be nice in the Kingdom, in ideally just a little over seven more years, to “wrestle” with flesh and blood only.   We’re just sick of this Ephesians 6:12 problem that Anthony Patch described near the end of the video.  Jacob wrestled with the highest power — and lived!  Peniel!  Thank you, Jesus!

      I remember using 6-12 Insect Repellent years ago.  Ephesians 6:10-18 describes a wonderful Demon Repellent. :yes:   Let’s go smear some of that on.  It probably works repelling some politicians too, to some degree.

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