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      Humbly Irrelevant

      Brethren:  This is not directed at any of you that visit this site.  This is directed at the CINOs that try so hard to be politically-correct and never want to stir any waves.  They stand for nothing on the right and fall for everything on the left.  I apologize, but I just need to vent a little before I go totally insane in this utterly chaotic world that has turned upside down.  Right is now wrong, and evil is now good.  It is painful, and lonely, to be in the minority of true Christians.


      Standing atop the fence,

      Peering in each direction,

      Do you really trust in your own good works,

      Instead of The Resurrection?


      Why do you attempt to wax,

      When it is clearly time to wane,

      Jesus must certainly increase,

      Are you really that insane?


      You pretend to be so wise,

      Regurgitating studies that aren’t your own,

      Joining the throng while lacking substance,

      As a monotonic, robotic drone.


      You say you have a new message,

      But it doesn’t seem to glorify God,

      Why are you emboldened to exalt yourself,

      As a mortal on earthly sod.


      The Lord didn’t die at Calvary,

      Or suffer that excruciating pain,

      For us to listen to the utterances of “man”,

      As we traverse against the grain.


      But there you are atop that fence,

      Still trying to decide,

      The hands of time are counting down,

      And soon there’ll be no place to hide!


      You believe you are so righteous,

      You believe your good deeds will ultimately save you,

      But you have no discernible clue,

      That your earthly payment is now Past Due!


      You need to stand for Jesus,

      Or you’ll fall for the enemy’s deception,

      And unfortunately, you’ll still be here on earth,

      While the Bride is at the Reception!!




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      Still be on the fence, while we’re in Heaven!  Indeed time for us to let go of everything!  This is an important reason why we are here.

      This is a time of release and surrender like none other, IMHO!  Fear is for the foolish!  Faith is for the righteous!

      I do enjoy and admire the expressions of your heart HI!  You are a warrior!  I encourage us all to hang in there just a little longer!

      If God is good on this side of glory, how much more so on the other side?!  Let us revel and glory in His coming!  Because He is coming for each of us.

      I can’t claim anything, but His love!  We shall here His call soon enough.  Can’t say when exactly, but soon.  His heart aches for us with each days passing!


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      Indeed God seems to be tearing down all fences!  No longer a safe perch offering a birds eye view.

      Rather the moment of decision, to choose choose a path.  Either to follow and chase after Jesus, or the world and death!

      For sitting upon a fence is stagnant, and being non-commital eluding personal responsibility.  Only then to later blame someone else for their tragedy’s.



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