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        When the Rapture occurs I believe we may be startled, but indeed not surprised!  Seemingly the closer we get the greater our focus becomes!  TR

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        Avatar photoDonna

          ~ ~to the One Who climbed Calvary’s hill~
          OH! ~Jesus, , ~~ we rejoice
          according to Your will
          YES!  ~ Splendid King,
          we hear Your Voice
          and . . ~angels sing!

          and so,
          with heavenly desire
          amidst Heavenly fire
          Mighty are You, Lord ~~
          . May you soon return
          holding the flaming sword. .

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            I am not sure I agree TR, about being startled — as watchers, many of us find that we listen throughout the day and are awakened at night praying and hoping to hear the trumpet. … You will have a song in the night, when a holy feast is kept and gladness of heart, when one sets out at the sound of the flute to go to the mountain of God, the Rock of Israel. Isaiah 30:29.  The longing in my spirit to see Jesus and to be free from the curse of sin can only make me excited in anticipation of that “cry of Command” the “voice of the archangel” and the trumpet of God …. COME! :yahoo: :prayer-hands:

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              I doubt I will be startled … I have GREAT Expectations … I expect to hear the trumpet call each day/night … I’m disappointed and surprised that it hasn’t happened yet.

              For years I thought it would be a piece of cake and more blessed to be counted in the alive and remain group … but now I’m rethinking that position … after seeing the world and our country ready to collapse at any moment …its heartbreaking to watch … I rather be part of the dead in Christ.  They are the fortunate ones!  And I find myself wondering why I’m still here … I don’t fit in this world and my spiritual job is done.  I’ve been secretly praying daily for the Lord to take me home and even more so since I’ve been dealing with covid for the past week and a half … it hasn’t been fun living.

              Counting on and expecting to leave this spring!

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                  Geri, I hear you, but only the Father knows if your work is done and I personally think it would be beyond awesome to fly through the air and see Jesus! What a gift….. Hang in there, we so got this! Please pray as consistently for that trumpet sound :yahoo:

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                  Geri, I believe I can say for us all here, HUGS and we love you! I would guess every one of us are sensing disappointment that the Rapture has not yet come. To whatever degree, I would guess each one of us has or is feeling that sense of weariness overall for all that we are surrounded by. I agree with you, and the Word tells us this place isn’t our home, and we feel it more and more, day by day. You’ve fought the good fight – I know it! I’m sad for the depth of what you feel, but I understand it. It used to feel like “we knew satan existed,” but now it feels like he walks among us. And he does walk around on this earth seeking who he may devour. We can all pray for each other that in the will, power might and strength of the Lord, that we stand. That we push back the darkness of these days and do not allow him to devour us, because the Holy Spirit is here with us. Jesus is in us, our Father God shelters us in the palm of His hands. I would ask you to do nothing at this time but rest in the Lord. Let Him minister to your heart and soul, to fill you up with His Spirit and Person and presence that surrounds and keeps the enemies thoughts bound and to no affect. Lord, for Geri and all of us, I ask that we are filled up with You, walking beside Your quiet waters where You restore our souls. May Your goodness love and mercy sustain us till You call us up.


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                    Excellent! I completely agree with Kolleen! Geri, you are such an integral part of this community. Take strength in knowing that you are valued and loved by all of us here. We are your family in Christ and we want and need you to be here with us until the end. You’ve always been such an encouragement here and you have a fun loving nature that helps us all get through these trying times…………..even if you don’t like coffee! 😁

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                      Agreed with Kolleen and Yohanan!  You are precious in His sight and ours!  Can’t wait to give you a hug in heaven!  TR

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                      Paul R

                        Dear Geri, I know how you feel, I also had that dastardly disease. I am fully persuaded that where two or more agree on a matter our Saviour and Healer is in our midst to help us. I’ve been praying for boldness lately, so here goes… I believe the Lord says to put your hand on the side of the screen as you receive this word – it’s not magic, but it’s a point of contact for your faith. It is backed by His Word.

                        He sent forth his word and healed them (Ps 107:20)

                        This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: “He took on our infirmities and carried our diseases.” (Matt 8:17)

                        And God worked special miracles by the hand of Paul. So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs and aprons, and the diseases departed from them and the evil spirits went out of them. (Acts 19: 11-12)

                        I command this disease to leave your body right now, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Amen.

                        Just thank Him for what He has done. To Him be ALL the glory.

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                          Ditto on this prayer by Paul!  Because you are so precious to us here, the Lord allows your blessings to touch so many!   Only on the day you receive your rewards will you then understand how much the Lord has counted on you to help distribute His love, all the more as His day approaches!  Sick or healthy you remain a joy!  Get better, love and blessings, beloved of the Lord!  TR

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                            Thank you siblings for the encouraging thoughts and prayers. :rose:   I kind of had a melt down yesterday.   I finally got the sense of taste back and can enjoy food again but my sense of smell is still not back and I feel weak and get tired out very easily.  Shoveling snow yesterday was not my cup of tea.😏

                            I got my bets placed for a Spring Rapture and looking forward to meeting you all at the Rita partea B-)

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                              Get better soon Geri. You have to stay and go with us! Besides, we appreciate your posts. Now not liking coffee is another matter entirely!

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                                Now not liking coffee is another matter entirely!

                                LOL! My thoughts exactly! :mdrmdr:

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                                  Alright wise guys and gurls … I’m just trying to brace yourself for heavenly life … that’s all. B-)      Lets break this down … shall we …


                                  The way I see it … there is no more sickness in heaven … hence NO cof  coughing … and everything is free …  NO FEE. 😉

                                  So grab your cup of tea now and start drinking and be prepared for life beyond the Pearly Gates … :yahoo:


                                  – Fair Use –

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                                    Love it – Geri — :mdrmdr: :mdrmdr:  although I am an avid coffee drinker myself, I have been known to tote a bit of herbal tea once in a while :mdrmdr:  simplicity – tea is probably my favorite…. And having fought two different illnesses over the last two weekends, green tea has been a stable source ….. :calvin

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                                        Yes, so many health benefits from drinking tea … I just found out spearmint tea helps fight hair loss and turns it around.  Also green tea … after placing a cup in the microwave for 2 minutes with the tea bag.  Wait until it cools and then pour on your hair … keep it in for 1 hour or until your hair dries.  Then wash out and shampoo and it will give mega volume. :whistle:

                                        As far as the benefits of cof fee :scratch:  I cant seem to find any B-)

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                                        :mdrmdr: Geri… I could use some of your hair volume without any tea!!

                                        Ok, here are some claims about Coffee…

                                        You could live longer.

                                        Your body may process glucose (or sugar) better.

                                        You’re less likely to develop heart failure.

                                        You are less likely to develop Parkinson’s disease.

                                        Your liver will thank you.

                                        Your DNA will be stronger.

                                        Your odds of getting colon cancer will go way down.

                                        You may decrease your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

                                        You’re not as likely to suffer a stroke.


                                        :unsure: :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:


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                                          …..and I love it! :yahoo: :good:

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