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        Sometimes, if I am paying attention, the Lord speaks to me through through natural circumstances around me.  This hasn’t happened for awhile (which probably does not testify favorably to my level of paying attention…:-(), but it did happen yesterday.  As is often the case when it does occur, it comes from a fairly unspectacular example in the natural world.  Yesterday was no exception.

        Some quick background.  My wife is from Kansas and we lived there from for almost 20 years from the mid-90’s until 2012.  As such, we were big Kansas Jayhawk basketball fans (if you know about their football team, you’ll know why I emphasize the basketball…lol).  Well, the Jayhawks’ basketball team had won or shared the Big 12 regular season championship for the past 14 years going into this current season.  However, this year that streak came to an end.  (Stick with me, non-sports fans, there’s something in this for you:bye:).

        For the longest time, the Jayhawks’ winning outright or at least a share of the championship was just status quo, almost taken for granted.  However, that changed this year.  And that’s the message that I sensed from the Lord.  As I was just “randomly” pondering how the Jayhawks’ streak had ended, I believe the Lord put the thought in my mind that 2019 is going to be a year when the status quo changes.  Things that have “always” been are going to change.  Hmmmm.  Of course, my mind went immediately to the harpazo.  I suppose it could be something else, or multiple things in addition to the harpazo.  Any thoughts about the notion that 2019 will be a year that the status quo changes?


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          It seems to me that 2019 will be the year of critical mass, or tipping point, in our society. The many years that have eaten away the fabric of out western society will create such great change that society as we have known it will be lost forever. I believe we will live in a world dominated by the reversal of all things we held sacred, in other words what was bad is now good, what was right is now wrong.

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            I believe God IS showing us how real this Spiritual battle is ~   as well that He is about to return ~ ~ til then our Lord is coveting our prayers , He has made it clear the battle is HIS . . ~ ~ God’s Light even now is showing darkness can’t stand His consuming fire ~ ~

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              in USA, our freedoms being status quo and taken for granted my change rapidly…having plenty of time to get around to things may change w/ a soon rapture…definitely assuming others believe in Jesus because they’ve been exposed to the Gospel has changed already…

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                Watcher35—Hey buddy!! I am from Kansas—and still am a Jayhawker  –but no more because the civil war ended  in 1865–  but they still use that name on the basketball team–You might say I am a Northern Sympathizer!! Hee hee!!  Or a Union   Soldier–and of course  I live in a free State!!

                But as to this year 2019  about to change from being  in a status quo  state of  anarky—well we may not be around long enough to find out  whose house  this tailgate party  ends up at!  My bags are packed and I have my rapture passport ticket-paid in Blood!  The world can struggle and fight this Status Quo all the way to the Alamo—it seems I keep coming up with historical  retoric  lately—must be reading to many history books!!

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