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      One of the things that the Lord has put on my heart over the past couple of years is a Watchman’s ministry where I stand out on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in our community holding a sign.  I think of it as variation on the theme of signs and wonders (God knows no sacrilege intended), where I hold the sign and people wonder about the crazy guy.  My sign reads:


      Rapture Soon

      Then Judgment

      Please Trust

      In Jesus Now

      Needless to say, I have more than a few interesting stories tell, including rebukes from professing believers, a McDonald’s ice cream cone being thrown at me (at least it was soft serve), and the appearance of a repetitive gesture involving one’s middle finger.  However, I have also had brothers and sisters stop by to share a cold drink on a scorching day, to speak a word of encouragement, and even to bring me a rain poncho on a day when I felt like the Lord just wanted me to continue standing there in the pouring rain.  Most importantly, literally thousands of people have been confronted with God’s warning.  It’s hard to know how the Lord has used this to plant, water and grow.  There is rarely any immediate feedback or validation.  But people take pictures of the sign with their smart phones, and only God knows where those end up.  It really is a faith ministry, believing that something is happening even when it seems like nothing is happening.  I have probably had 30-40 one-on-one conversations with passers-by over the last couple of years.  No one has prayed to accept the Lord, but they heard about the gospel and how late the hour is prophetically.

      One of the things I love to do while walking the sign is listen to worship music and sing over the people driving by.  Well, recently, the Lord put it on my heart to take the music from Bruce Hornsby and the Range’s song Mandolin Rain and rewrite the lyrics for the ministry.  I have never been a huge fan of the group, but I do think he is an excellent piano player.  Anyway, I rewrote the words and now sing them over the people driving by while I walk the sign.

      Sorry for the long post, but I  don’t have very many people in my life with whom I can share my heart on stuff like this.  I thought the people on this site and who read this post would “get it” and perhaps even be encouraged by it.  So, I am going to try to embed a link to the song and share with you my lyrics.  Some of the words are me speaking to the Lord, some are my prayer to the Lord on behalf of the multitude, and some are me singing to and over the lost souls driving by.

      I think I am supposed to say “Fair Use for Discussion Purposes”.  Hope this blesses you like it has me.  Maranatha!!!

      Bruce Hornsby & The Range Mandolin Rain


      There’s not much time

      Lord, You’re coming for Your Bride

      Many souls, left behind

      When the Restrainer flies


      So I’ll lift my sign

      Try to warn them for a while

      They don’t know, ‘bout Your scroll

      ‘Til destruction comes again



      Listen to the Spirit call your name

      Listen to the Savior do the same

      Ah listen to His heart break

      Every time that you drive away


      Listen to the Father’s cry

      Lost soul, don’t say no

      Ah listen to the tears roll

      Down His face as you turn to go


      You paid it all

      Help them Lord to hear Your call

      Lead a soul through the dark

      Until they find their way home.


      The fight rages on

      Lord, hopin’ it won’t be long

      ‘Cause there’s moments that I find

      I’m not feeling that strong






      Calling now on Your Name Lord

      Sure do need the touch of my Savior’s love

      You save by grace with an unseen hand

      Now You’re breathing new life out, once again


      The Lord in the air

      Oh, we will meet You there

      And I think about just when

      I’ll hear that trumpet blow


      And I knew all along

      That this road I walk upon

      Few would go

      But that’s a choice I made long ago








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      Bless you…bless you, bless you Watchman35  your reward awaits you in eternity!  Your post touched my heart so much…thank you for the love you are showing towards the lost…Elaine

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      Watchman, that’s not a ministry I could do, but thank the Lord for being that laborer in His field who is reaching and touching so many. Every seed is one that God will make grow in bringing souls to the point of decision. Thanking the Lord for your heartfelt ministry.


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      I LOVE this, Watchman35!!! Listening to the music while reading your lyrics put chills up and down my spine!!! Oh, brother, may our God richly bless you for what you have done and are doing!!!

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      Great job, Watchman!  You been so faithful in your service and will be rewarded greatly.  All the Lord asks of us is to share the Good News and how Jesus changed our lives and the Lord brings in the harvest.

      My little ministry is just one on one.  Before I leave the house I ask the Lord to bring whoever He wants me to witness to along my path – whether its at the grocery store, post office, doctor/dentist office, etc.  and He does.  They normally are very chatty and complaining about the high cost of things.  That is when I take out a Bible Tract and say well I got something that is FREE that I like to share with you.  That gets their attention and most of the time they are all ears.

      Only 3 times have I had the experience of being the last one to witness to a person and to see their eyes light up and have the blinders removed.  One lady said oh you sound like someone who told me the same thing years ago … that makes sense what you’re saying and she wanted the Bible Tract.  One guy said someone else just spoke to me 3 days ago and now you … twice in one week … do you think God is trying to get my attention?  I said yes, He sure is.  He then said he will seriously read the Bible Tract this time.  And the other was a Jehovah Witness that came to my door.  She was the young lady and an older lady was with her.  As I was witnessing to them, the younger one said you sound just like my sister.  She left wanting the Bible Tract even though the older lady tried to discourage her from taking it.

      So never give up on a lost loved one or friend.  Keep praying and ask the Lord to send someone else along their path.

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      I love hearing these experiences of sharing our Lord with others!

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