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      We live in strange times as everything familiar and dependable is no longer recognizable or sought after!

      Surreal in even that the manifest goodness of the Lord’s hand is withdrawn!

      The stage of Satan is being set to be fully realized when God’s restrainer is removed!

      The writing on the wall has again appeared with the inscription, Look Up!

      Redemption and rejection are set before mankind!  God seems to be pulling down fences of indecision!  Now having only a wide or narrow path to choose which we shall tread upon!

      Six thousand years leading to the culmination of the Lord’s plans, with eternity in the balance!  God has been patient and long suffering!  Accounts must now be adjudicated before the almighty judge!

      A universal reckoning between God and man is in order!  God’s position has always been clear and His righteousness must be satisfied!



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      TR- excellent summary of these days in which we are living

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