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      As I have shared with this online family before, I engage in a ministry of holding up a sign on a busy street corner in my community, warning people that the rapture is coming soon and will be followed by judgment.  The sign is both a warning and a plea from the Holy Spirit.  It reads:


      Rapture Soon

      Then Judgment

      Please Trust

      In Jesus Now

      As I have also previously shared, the Lord has me singing songs of worship and intercessory prayer over the people who drive by as I hold up the sign.  He has given me rewritten lyrics to several existing songs, and I wanted to share the latest one with this online community.

      This one, in my experience on the streets, has probably been the most powerful one so far.  It has me literally singing the Name of Jesus over people as they drive by.  It is rewritten lyrics to an old Michael W. Smith song, I Hear Leesha, from the late ‘80s.  I believe that song was originally written about a Christian girl who tragically died unexpectedly at a young age.  I always liked the song and the music.  Now the Lord has given me some different lyrics that I have been singing over people driving by as they view the sign I hold up.  I find myself literally holding the note when singing the Name of Jesus as long as I can as if somehow God’s power is being released to move on the hearts of those who drive by under the “canopy” of His Name.  It has the Gospel in it.  The life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.  And the rapture as well.

      I will put a link to the song below.  For those so inclined, you can play the song while you read the lyrics the Lord has given me.  Pray that He would use this song of intercessory prayer to draw many hearts to Him before the darkness of wrath descends upon this earth.  Maranatha!!!



      Seems like it was only yesterday

      You were living here, Lord You were living here

      Abba Father’s taken You away

      He made it very clear, yeah He made it very clear


      Son of God You died upon the cross for us

      Shed Your blood to wash away our sin

      Now forgiven



      I hear Jesus, singing His Word in the night

      And in between the sadness, oh I hear Jesus

      Calling these souls unto life


      Life goes on even after life

      That’s what I believe, yeah that’s what I believe

      Ohhh, empty tomb it testifies of Thee

      The resurrected King, yeah risen after three


      Resurrection power has prevailed on high

      Now seated at the right hand on Your throne

      You’re our Savior




      The trump will sound, a shout, and then the dead in Christ

      Will rise and we will meet You in the air

      Oh Lord, we’re watching


      Chorus X2


      The Name of Jesus…the Name of Jesus…the Name of Jesus…the Name of Jesus (repeat singing the Name of Jesus over the people s they drive by…)

      P.S.–my heart is broken today over my own sin and the ongoing dysfunction of my family relationships with my wife and daughter.  It is enough pain Abba!  In between the sadness, I hear Jesus, calling my soul unto life.  Longing to be with our Bridegroom where my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.  Trying to do something productive for the Kingdom by posting this, rather than wallowing in the pain and sorrow.  Prayers appreciated.


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