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      Latest article, just when you needed a little more hope:


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      Related info, from You Tube Gevte Channel, showing January 13-14 as a high watch date:

      ⚠️Daily Sacrifice Taken Away ON:

      ◼️605 BC- The Besiegement Of Jerusalem ON:

      10th Day Of The 10th Month!

      (3rd Year Of Jehoiakim Besiegement By Nebuchadnezzar)

      SEE: Daniel 1: 1-2 & Ezekiel 24:1-2

      ◼️605 BC + 1,290 Years (Daniel 12:11)=

      ⚠️Abomination Of Desolation Set Up with

      The Dome Of The Rock built on The Temple Mount ON:

      ◼️AD 686: The 10th Day Of The 10th Month!

      ◼️AD 686 + 1,335 Years (Daniel 12:12) =

      ⚠️The Blessing (The Day of The Rapture? AND the end of the 2,625 year (1,335 +1,290) prophecy ON:

      ◼️ The TRUE 10th Day Of The 10th Month in Jewish Year AD 2021= January 13-14th, 2022.♥️?

      ◼️In addition, we know from Esther Chapter 2, that Esther (representing the church) entered the King’s Palace in the 10th month. According to Jewish tradition, Esther entered the palace on the 1st day of the 10th month; ♥️AND was crowned queen ON: (Tevet 10)- The 10th day of The 10th month. (Jan. 13-14)!  It’s the same day that Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem years prior in 605 BC.

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      Interesting article by TW Tramm. Thanks. :)

      One thing I don’t agree with is that he said most scholars say that the commandment to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem was given in 457 BC. I would say that most scholars favour 445 BC. That’s not a problem with his calculations, though.

      I don’t think we know the exact year when the Dome of the Rock was started or finished. It is in the years 685-691 AD. We also don’t know the exact year that Suleiman gave the commandment to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, either. Maybe around 1536 to 1541. Could be wrong but I think we have a range of possible years for both.

      However, we can know that we are very, very close and perhaps the dates do line up to 2022. That’s very encouraging, yeah! :yahoo:

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        Are you still keeping track of the world population?  Remember when it finally reached 7,777,777, 777, 777 (um, do I have too many 7’s?   :scratch: ) Or with covid is it going nuts with the numbers now?  Also do you feel the shemitah cycle is on the money for the next batch of 7 years to start this feast of trumpets … entering the 11th cycle (aka 11 means judgment)

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          Just checked. It is a little over 7,920,000,000. Perhaps when we get to 8 billion? :mail:


          The world’s population has grown (births – deaths)  2.770 million this year. There have also been over 2 million deaths. Sobering, to think.

          Perhaps with all the lost 10 tribes being factored in, there are 222.2 million Jewish people on earth? Just a thought. :)

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      Doing some rough calculations, we should reach 8 billion before the end of the year. Right around Hanukkah, it would seem. Hanukkah is from December 18th to 26th this year. Will look more into this when I have time. :)


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      Perhaps with all the lost 10 tribes being factored in, there are 222.2 million Jewish people on earth? Just a thought. :)

      I think it was Patricia N who posted an article recently that talked about how Israel will realign the populous. Anyone formerly considered “Other” will now be considered Jewish. There are stipulations as to what they can do, like marriage and worship but they are still going to be considered Jewish. This will exclude the Arab population but does include all others. I do not recall how large that group is but if it is significant then perhaps that will factor in.

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