Taken over by God!

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        I love to brag on God! Not so much about me.

        It’s been over 50 yrs since I had this experience orchestrated by God.  I was a young Airman in the USAF and stationed in Biloxi Miss.  I was young in the faith, but the Lord was bringing me into a season of training.  There was much  spiritual activity (demonic) in nature there.  God was often giving me a word of knowledge and even exposed a drug deal in a vision He gave me that involved people I knew.

        But on one evening I and a  non-believer were walking off base in a residential area outside what was called gate 7.  A quiet and peaceful night with not even a breath of wind.

        Then, words came out of my face that surprised even me.  I heard myself telling this guy that when we reached the perimeter of a certain  yard about 100 ft before us, that a single large tree which stood approximately 50 ft tall and had a massive trunk at it’s base  would be uplifted and fall before us!

        Having heard this come from my own lips, I panicked.  My first thought  was, thanks Lord I’m gonna look like an idiot.  My second thought was, worst yet Lord this would reflect badly on You!

        Dumbstruck and unable to explain this away, we continued walking.  Then just as it was spoken, it’was as if someone had lifted the tree from above and pushed it over right in front of us!

        No other words were spoken, but I then knew the Lord had appropriated by vocal chords to accomplish His purposes!

        How mighty is our God!


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          Wow!!   Remarkable!!! That is quite a testimony, Tender Reed.  Did his “non-believer” status ever change after that?  Were you witnessing to him, claiming anything bout faith?  Then or later?

          This post truly qualifies for “Outside the Box!!

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            Not to my knowledge, but I thought it best to let God do the talking!  Truly, what could be added to what we had experienced and witnessed!

            I have only shared this with  a couple of people in the last 50 plus years! This was during a season in which the Lord was building my faith.  It was probably more for me than anyone else.


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