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      I want to thank you very much for posting a picture which said: “Just Breathe, Everything is going to be OK”

      Something that always comforts me is someone telling me “it’s going to be OK”. I tell people who are close to me that if I am having too much anxiety to just tell me that.

      I loved the poster and the message so much that I saved it. These days I am worried about so many things. Whenever I open my computer, the first thing that comes up is this picture and the first thing that I see on my computer are the words “It’s going to be OK”

      If anybody has comforting scripture and beautiful posters like that, you really don’t know how much it might be helping someone, so please go ahead and post these things.

      I want to thank again the people who brought back RITAN and all the mods for their work.

      Thank you

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      I want to share a story of how God knows what comforts His children and also about His sense of humor.

      I started talking to God since I was a child. One summer, I went with my family to Germany. the first day I was going to say my prayers, I hesitated and thought: “I am in Germany, I have to talk to God in German now” I tried to pray but I hardly knew German. I tried to talk to him but I struggled to express myself so I had to give up. I think I did not pray again while I was there.

      Less than 2 years ago, I was in Germany and I was worried about something. I was at a big drugstore looking around. I wanted to buy a facial mask so I went to that section to see what they have. I saw a facial mask that had “it’s going to be OK” in German on it. I just stared at the name. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I was really troubled by something and God knows “it’s going to be OK” comforts me. I took it as a sign that it was going to be OK.

      I left that section and was walking around the drugstore when this message registered in my spirit: “I speak German”

      I stood still when I got this message, then I remembered that time when I was a child in Germany and thought: I’m in Germany, I have to pray in German.

      I smiled. It was such a lovely feeling when all these thoughts came to mind: God wants to comfort His children, He knows what they find comforting, He remembers everything about our lives (no matter how small) and he has a sense of humor.

      It was such a precious thing: God told me it’s going to be OK and He said it to me in German!

      Thank you God

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      Thank you so much Heidi :heart: I am so glad the Lord touched your heart and soul in such a meaningful, comforting and trusting way through the Breathe message. The Lord is your Shepherd…He’s watching over you always, keeping you near, calling you to Him in the dark times in the protection of His loving arms. He has a strong hold on you and will not let you go, ever! Continue to lean on Him, knowing He is near; His presence is with you always.

      Hugs :bible :rose:


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      Thank you Kolleen for the encouraging words.

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