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        What is the bibles stance on ghosts, as well as the Jews and Jesus? :feedback


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          No such thing in Bible   :negative:

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            This is my opinion: I think if we see ghosts, these are demonic entities but I guess that wasn’t really your question. was it?

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              Have you seen anything Tender Reed?

              Who do you call? :-)

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              When Jesus walked on the water the disciples at first thought Jesus was a ghost (Mark 6:49).

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                Didn’t they think the same when Peter was released from prison?  It seemed to be a commonly held belief.

                In some reading it also seems that the Jewish rabbis have much to say about ghosts & demons & angels,  as well as most cultures in the middle East.

                Whether referred to as ghost or spirit, there seem to be an acknowledgement of something paranormal.

                I was just curious if anyone has done any study on the subject, or have any doctrinal insights, and why Christ never seemed to address this issue.


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                  Question: “What does the Bible say about ghosts / hauntings?”

                  Answer: Is there such a thing as ghosts? The answer to this question depends on what precisely is meant by the term “ghosts.” If the term means “spirit beings,” the answer is a qualified “yes.” If the term means “spirits of people who have died,” the answer is “no.” The Bible makes it abundantly clear that there are spirit beings, both good and evil. But the Bible negates the idea that the spirits of deceased human beings can remain on earth and “haunt” the living.

                  Hebrews 9:27 declares, “Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.” That is what happens to a person’s soul-spirit after death—judgment. The result of this judgment is heaven for the believer (2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Philippians 1:23) and hell for the unbeliever (Matthew 25:46; Luke 16:22-24). There is no in-between. There is no possibility of remaining on earth in spirit form as a “ghost.” If there are such things as ghosts, according to the Bible, they absolutely cannot be the disembodied spirits of deceased human beings.

                  The Bible teaches very clearly that there are indeed spirit beings who can connect with and appear in our physical world. The Bible identifies these beings as angels and demons. Angels are spirit beings who are faithful in serving God. Angels are righteous, good, and holy. Demons are fallen angels, angels who rebelled against God. Demons are evil, deceptive, and destructive. According to 2 Corinthians 11:14-15, demons masquerade as “angels of light” and as “servants of righteousness.” Appearing as a “ghost” and impersonating a deceased human being definitely seem to be within the power and abilities that demons possess.

                  The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20. A legion of demons possessed a man and used the man to haunt a graveyard. There were no ghosts involved. It was a case of a normal person being controlled by demons to terrorize the people of that area. Demons only seek to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). They will do anything within their power to deceive people, to lead people away from God. This is very likely the explanation of “ghostly” activity today. Whether it is called a ghost, a ghoul, or a poltergeist, if there is genuine evil spiritual activity occurring, it is the work of demons.

                  What about instances in which “ghosts” act in “positive” ways? What about psychics who claim to summon the deceased and gain true and useful information from them? Again, it is crucial to remember that the goal of demons is to deceive. If the result is that people trust in a psychic instead of God, a demon will be more than willing to reveal true information. Even good and true information, if from a source with evil motives, can be used to mislead, corrupt, and destroy.

                  Interest in the paranormal is becoming increasingly common. There are individuals and businesses that claim to be “ghost-hunters,” who for a price will rid your home of ghosts. Psychics, séances, tarot cards, and mediums are increasingly considered normal. Human beings are innately aware of the spiritual world. Sadly, instead of seeking the truth about the spirit world by communing with God and studying His Word, many people allow themselves to be led astray by the spirit world. The demons surely laugh at the spiritual mass-deception that exists in the world today.

                  Recommended Resource: The Truth Behind Ghosts, Mediums, and Psychic Phenomena by Ron Rhodes

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                    Oops … I misunderstood the question … I thought you were looking for how some of the religious Jews acted towards the Holy Spirit …


                    When Jesus was doing miracles … a group of Pharisees accused Him of getting His power from Beelzebul (the prince of demons).  Jesus rebuke them and said they committed the unpardonable or unforgivable sin because they denied He was God and slandered the Holy Spirit.

                    Those Pharisees were automatically doomed to hell because they lacked the faith to believe Jesus was God and died in their sins because the Holy Spirit  wasn’t upon them any longer to convict them.

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                      I just read a article on rapture ready about : kabbalah:  I know nothing at all about this practice, but the article link the practice to,  reincarnation, meditation, speaking to the dead and channeling, as well as astrology. I restate I know nothing of, kabbalah but thought you might get some information about your question there. Seems according to this article lots of rabbis are using this practice.


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                        I haven’t seen any, and have always believed they are deceiving spirits.  Was just wondering what the Jewish understanding was.  Thanks for info site.


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                        David W. Roche

                          A departed human spirit either goes to be with the Lord, or is cast out of his presence into Hades.  There are no other options.  I must conclude that any spiritual manifestations appearing to be deceased humans must be imposters.

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                          Mom of 2

                            I believe they are demonic spirits emulating people, the thing I find interesting is they only seem to show up when very few people are present.

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                                I agree my attacks from my co-worker (who was a witch) in 1998 all happened when I was alone.

                                The days I was home alone I never had hot water when it came time to wash up.  The first time it happened I called up my brother to come over and to check out the hot water heater.  He didn’t see any problem AND the hot water came out of the faucet when he was there.  He gave me a funny look like I was crazy.   I apologized for bothering him.  However, immediately after he left … I turned on the faucet and it was cold again! Ugh!  I had to keep boiling water in various pots over the kitchen stove and transfer the hot water to the bathtub in order to wash up.

                                When I prayed … the land line phone would always ring even after I unplugged  the line from the wall socket. :wacko:

                                When I read my Bible the lamp light bulb would always get unscrewed.

                                I had a red amaryllis plant in full bloom and said out loud “oh how beautiful”.  I went into the bathroom to put water in the watering can and I heard a loud crash.  I found the ceramic pot cracked and in many pieces  on the floor,  the plant stem violently broken, the red flowers scattered and dirt was all over the room.   That bulb never bloom again.

                                One day as I was in my bedroom getting ready for work I clearly heard my mom’s voice on the other side of the bedroom door calling my name 3 times.  I kept saying what?  But no answer.   I got up to see what she wanted.  She was not in the house … she was in the driveway backing up her car and was heading down the road.  Later I asked her if she said something to me while I was in my bedroom  before she left.  She said no.  I told her what happened.  She was upset with all the junk I was facing and said you got to try to ignore it and not think about it.  Then we went shopping together.  I kept hearing her call out my name while I was in a different aisle.  I went up to her to ask what she wanted and she claims she didn’t call me.  It was clearly her voice I heard and my name being called.  She said again you got to stop dwelling on this stuff.  I went to pay for the 75% off Christmas item … the total came to $6.66 :wacko:  and I looked over at her and said that’s kind of hard to do.  She didn’t know what to say after that.

                                Yes, I firmly believe demons can take on the voice of our loved ones and friends and trick people into believing they are contacting their long departed loved ones, when they are only communicating with demons.




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                                I think there main purposes are to:

                                frighten, confuse and deceive.

                                Fear is the absence of faith in God.  The enemy takes advantage of us when we are afraid.

                                The belief in ghosts contradicts the Bible. Like David said, there are only 2 destinations after you die.  This causes confusion, and people ask, “Did the Bible really say…..?”

                                There is no doubt people have felt and seen these entities.  So if it is not dead souls, how do they know all about the life they once had?  It is because, I believe, demons latch themselves on to certain families and people.  They torment them for years, even generations, and then give the information out when mimicking the dead person.  It is the same with reincarnation.  How can so many people have amazing memories, a lot of the times historical, if it never happened to them?  Because a demon is feeding them information about what the demon witnessed first hand.  This is deception and it leads so many people away from God.

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                                  Thanks for all the input.  Indeed, they are demonic manifestations.  Such a simple deception, but effective.  It could only take a supernatural (interdimensional) spirit to imitate someone’s relative.  Funny how so many fall for this lie.  It is understandable that we all have concerns and questions and seek out those who have gone on before.  This seems to be a universal occurrence.

                                  Let us not forget the beggar that went to Abraham’s bosom and the rich man pleading for help for his family.

                                  Then we come to the witch at Endor.  Wasn’t she surprised when God allowed Samuel the prophet to be raised, rather than a demonic manifestation of a ghost.

                                  In this we learned that only God could truly accomplish this feat.  As He chose to do so in this one instance.  Showing He is Lord the quick & the dead!


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                                    Touching along the paranormal, was Samuel raised in body or spirit?  Did Moses & Elijah appear on the Mt of Transfiguration in body or in glorified bodies?  Hmmm!

                                    Speaking of these things would be like someone trying to explain the theory of relativity to a golf ball.

                                    Guess I’m a golf ball!



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