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      The crescendo of the candles speaks of course to the Jewish Menorah.  The menorah is a memorial to the seven Feast Days of the Lord!

      The first three Feast days were fulfilled by Christ at His first coming.  And the last three Feast days to be fulfilled at His second coming.

      Using the menorah as a visual aid, we see the middle candle prominently stands alone.  Lifted above all others.  Seemingly speaks of a climactic ascencion.  Followed by a descending pattern.

      As such, Pentecost is the pinnacle of God’s aspirations.  For in this Feast was the Church or Bride of Christ birthed.  Men being born again of the Spirit!

      Could this also be highlighting the Feast which accommodates the Rapture?!  If so, then we see with removal of the restrainer, a pattern of descent for all of mankind then emerges.

      Great apostacy and whoredoms then  visiting the Earth.

      And with our meeting of the Lord in the air, again Pentecost or the middle candle features the Church on high ground! Truly the Jewish menorah as a simple visual aide speaks to this heavenly truth!  Or so it seems to me.


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      Can’t wait to see who ends up with bragging rights, having picked that day!

      I will gladly acknowledge whoever’s is right and give appropriate kudo’s!


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