The Eastern Gate

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      There is a gate in waiting
      In the City of the King
      It waits above the valley
      And adorns a tranquil scene

      Jerusalem is churning
      On the north, south and west
      Yet the Eastern Gate waits quietly
      Above multitudes at rest

      On Olive Mount, I stood one day
      And viewed this Golden Gate
      Amid singing saints and setting sun
      In the spirit was my state

      Looking o’er this glorious Gate
      From atop that blessed mount
      Two scenes of great events
      I saw, and I now recount

      One scene took place in ages past
      The other is soon to be
      In both there was the Son of God
      And this Gate of Destiny

      The first scene was triumphant
      They hailed Him as a King
      There were thousands in the valley
      And “Hosannas” loud did ring

      Many miracles of greatness
      Had He done before their eyes
      Giving sight to the blind
      Calling forth the dead to rise

      His disciples were elated
      As they joined this happy throng
      But little did they know
      That their hopes would soon be gone

      So long ago the prophet told
      That lowly, He would come
      Riding on a donkey’s colt
      Unbefitting the Righteous One

      Yet thousands upon thousands
      Stood in the valley on that day
      And up the path to the eastern Gate
      With palm branches did array

      “Save us Son of David”
      The multitude did cry
      When suddenly, the crowd did change —
      And they shouted “Crucify!”

      Oh! What price our God did pay
      While sinners yet were we
      The mocking ones — The crown of thorns
      Pierced hands — what agony!

      And so the only Son of God
      Was hung upon a cross
      He’d come to earth in Godly love
      To save those who were lost

      Then the scene did fade away
      And another took its place
      For Jesus had said He would return
      To redeem mankind’s disgrace

      On Olive Mount I stood again
      I viewed the Eastern Gate
      Yet it was closed, sealed with stone
      Awaiting a King to coronate

      Ezekiel long ago had said
      The Gate would thus be so
      Until the Prince returned to earth
      Then all the world would know

      Around the city armies stood
      From nations of the world
      And smoke and fire were everywhere
      The armaments were hurled!

      Yet the Golden Gate still quietly stood
      While looking upward it seemed
      Suddenly the trump did sound
      It was the coming of the King!

      And then I saw the Lord of Lords
      Descending from on high
      With multitudes of Heavenly Hosts
      Behind Him in the sky

      He came and stood on Olive Mount
      And then the earth did shake
      He spoke and all the armies fell
      And the evil power did break

      Upon a white and valiant steed
      Down Olive Mount did ride
      Through Kidron Valley up to the Gate
      While the Jewish remnant cried

      They looked on Him
      whom they had pierced
      And grieved as for a son
      So bitterly they wept in shame
      Yet with grace He did respond

      And all the while the numbers grew
      Of Angels and the Saints
      Millions upon millions
      Joined Him in the ranks

      They sang “Hosanna to the Son of David”
      “Hosanna to the King”
      Throughout all heaven and the earth
      The loud Hosannas ring

      The Gate in waiting trembled
      And the stones then blew apart
      As the Holy One did enter
      His eternal reign to start

      Oh! What sweetness in that Day
      The redeemed of God shall know
      From Mount Zion in Jerusalem
      The living waters flow

      Are you yearning for that day
      When the Lord of Hosts shall come?
      Or do you flee in fear
      Before the Holy One?

      Call upon His name!
      Before that coming day
      Flee into His loving arms
      He will wipe all the tears away.

      ~ Terry Gibson

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