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      I have been teaching Bible prophecy classes for over 40 years and have always believed the final generation was either 40 or 70 years even though there are generations mention in the Bible of also 50, 70 to 80, 100 and 120 years.

      What is the starting point for this final generation count down?  Jesus tells us in Matt. 24 that it starts when the FIG TREE starts to put forth it’s leaves.  We know first of all that the Fig Tree is referring to Israel and a fig trees leaves start to appear in the Spring time.  So, if we take those scriptures at face value it is clear that since Israel started to put forth its NEW life/nationhood, was in the springtime which was May 14th of 1948.  No other date or year can be acceptable without twisting the plain and clear meaning of the Words of Jesus.

      Secondly, Jesus was talking about his 2nd coming when he prophesied, so you would have to subtract at least 7 years from whatever length of generation you use for your time line.  That means that if the generation was 70 years then the rapture would have to happen on or before the Spring of 2011.  If it is 80 years, then the rapture would have to happen on or before the Spring of 2021.

      Lastly, and the right answer of the length of the LAST GENERATION just might be none of the above.  What if Jesus was NOT referring to a specific length of a generation but only that it would  be the LAST one before the start of the final Millennium?  This is what I am feeling.  However, the GOOD NEWS is that it will happen at the Last Trump and since God does have a sense of humor, it could well be that the rapture will happen during or at the end of Donald Trump’s term of office.  Could we actually be in the 3rd year of a 7 years of abundance right now, the end of which leads to the final 7 yrs of great worldwide drought, tribulation and death ending in the 2nd coming?

      Tic Toc   :rose: :flyup:

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      We are truly seeing abundance like we haven’t seen since the Reagan years. The growth is fascinating!


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      Tom, I love your post. Thank you very much.

      I also wondered if God had a sense of humor when he mentioned “the last Trump”

      Yesterday, I was talking to a friend over the phone. We laughed so much and my friend mentioned God having a sense of humor.

      For my own reasons, I am thinking that 2020/2021 will be our final year.

      Thank you

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      Hmmm … perhaps you did crack the riddle of  “after the last Trump” !

      If 2019 comes and goes … and Trump doesn’t get a 2nd term … :mail:  … Inauguration Day just happens to fall on a Wednesday, Jan 20th and Trump officially will be out of office exactly on the dot … 12:00 p.m. EST  instead of the midnight hour.

      I hate having to wait until 2021 … but on the bright side … I wont be forced to eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and can make my last hot meal on the stove before the clock strikes noon! B-)

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        Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until after Barron Trump, the last Trump, grows up ;-)

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      Well don’t put your guard down …. it can still happen this year because …. check out this comment in yesterday’s Times of Israel newspaper from Zehut Chairman, Moshe Feiglin ….

      “I don’t want to build a (3rd) Temple in 2 years, but now”!

      Woohoo!   :yahoo:

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      God has spoken a period of 70 years in Zechariah 1, Jeremiah 25:12-38 and Isaiah 23. I believe they all point to the last generation after rebirth of Israel in 1948. In Zechariah 1:12-17, God has spoken a 70 years indignation against His people. I believe Israel is within that period now for their rejection on Jesus as their Messiah. God also prophesied a period of 70 years in Jeremiah 25:12-38. When that period is over, God shall bring in the Judgment on All Nations. We are also in that period. That period began from 1949 when the Independence War was over.

      Concerning the 70 years in Isaiah 23:15-17, it speaks of the age of Tyre aka AC. He is also in his 70 years old now, corresponding to the last generation. Going by the 70 years God has spoken of through Zechariah, Jeremiah and Isaiah 23, the for sure length of last generation should be 70 years, which began in 1949.

      Also, from my perspective of Ezekiel’s 430 years prophecy, I have calculated there is 70 years iniquity remaining with Israel and Judah. This 70 years corresponds to the 70 years God has spoken of through the three prophets. And I don’t this is a coincidence.

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        2ndcoming, it is considered a good idea to read someone’s post in full before commenting on it.  It is clear you did not do so on this thread or you would not have written what you did.  As for me only, I would appreciate you not post on my postings unless you reply to what I have proposed showing why you agree or disagree with the suggestions put forth in context.  Thank you  :rose:

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