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      Pay particular attention to the first 9.5 minutes.

      NESARA = North America

      GESARA = Global

      When is the best time to attempt this? When the WORLD economy is in a shambles, whether intentional or due to global circumstance. While in the UK…………………………..

      The Great Global Currency Reset – GESARA / NESARA

      Pimpy’s Investment Chat

      Mar 28, 2020

      Have we started the Global Currency Reset – Gesara / Nesara

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      Based on the prophecies in Revelation 13, it seems pretty clear to me that somehow, some way, there will be some type of global financial reset as a prerequisite for the full implementation of the AC beast system.  Will need a new global, cashless/digital monetary system.  We are reportedly printing money here is the US like it is monopoly money.  We are so far in debt, it’s just a house of cards waiting to collapse.  I believe spiritual forces are actively at work right now to complete our financial destruction as a nation.  Once we collapse, the last major obstacle is then removed.  Perhaps the removal of the Restrainer will be the ultimate catalyst that allows this to move forward.  I really hope we are harpazoed before this goes down.  It is NOT going to be pretty.

      Not hard to imagine everyone is given a digital ID and is then allocated an amount of the new currency into their account to survive in the Brave New World.  Perhaps guaranteed universal income.  The socialist utopia of guaranteed equal financial outcome, not equal opportunity.  Everybody will be given the same reality of a fascist, socialist, tyrannical, bare-minimum existence.  And you only get that if you are willing to take the mark on your right hand or forehead.  It is coming folks, just as sure as the sun rose in the east today.

      The hope of the harpazo (hope as in confident assurance based on the Word of God) is the only thing that keeps me going.  Maranatha!!!


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