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      My heart has always believed in a Springtime Rapture!  That said, I also in my heart of hearts found significance in the seven candled Menorah.  The middle candle has always stood out for me.

      If there is any weight in the “feast days”, then they speak loudly knowing that the first 3 feast days were fulfilled when Christ was here.  The fourth feast day or candle on the Menorah speaks of Pentacost!  If this is the designated feast day for the Rapture, it makes sense.

      For after the Rapture, at the Lord’s second coming to Earth, last 3 feasts days will then be fulfilled!

      I’m not good with numbers, but I can count to seven. :mail:


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      Makes sense! :good:    Pentecost is the start of the church age and hopefully it ends with the rapture event taking place on Pentecost as well. :whistle:

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      As like with any number of possible days that will forever be known as the Rapture day, many pro’s and con’s can be offered.  We’ll just have to wait and see!

      But let’s just say for grins and giggles, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the Rapture did occur on Pentacost.

      Whether we consider the birth of the Church, or bible code inferences, or feast days involvement, or the physical expression of the Menorah, it is truly to be considered a viable and noteworthy possible option!

      Regardless the day of the Rapture, I am encouraged by the growing number of voices which are now chiming in to be a watchman!  For God’s choir is singing but one lone verse, soon and very soon! :prayer-hands: :bye:

      May we all glory in the blessings the Lord brings each of us till then!  And also glory in whatever sufferings the Lord has appointed in these times.

      Be blessed….TR




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