The mystery of 153


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      The mystery of 153 / My perspective

      The number 153 consists of 3 X 50 or three 50 + 1+1+1. 50 is the number for Pentecost and in Jewish calendar represented by Shavuot. Three 1 represent Trinity. Out of three 50 ( Shavuot ), two have been accomplished. In 1446 BC on Sivan 6, God descent on mount Sinai and gave the Law to Israelis. In 32 AD on Sivan 6 ( Pentecost ) , Holy Spirit came and dwelt on the disciples. There is one 50 remaining to be fulfilled.

      From my 1335 days timeline, it ends on Sivan 6 / Shavuot in 2026. Jesus shall fulfill the third and final 50 / Shavuot. There shall be an offering to God the Father on that day , Jesus being the High Priest, with Gentiles and the remnant of Israel represent the two loaves of bread. This offering summarizes all the work Jesus did, and shall do in tribulation. These two groups of people shall go into millennium.

      One more point I would like to add. When Jesus returns on Nisan 15 2026, there are exactly 50 days between his return and Shavuot 2026. During these 50 days, he shall throw the beast and the false prophet into the lake of fire. He shall rescue his people Israelis. He also brings all the nations into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and pleads with them for scattering his people and parted his land.

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      Why did the Lord use Triangle numbers 17 and 23 in Scripture?

      T17=153  (John 21:11)

      T23=276  (Acts 27:37)

      What is the underlying principle for the use of these triangular numbers?

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        I’m really confused … I feel like I’m in Algebra class all over again …  :wacko:

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      The algebra is elementary:  (n x (n+1))/2 is the number of objects in an equilateral triangle with (n) objects in the outer edge.  Bowling pins, for example: (4 x 5)/2 = 10.  [ a.k.a. T(4)]

      T(17) = (17×18)/2 = 17 x 9 = 153

      T(23) = (23×24)/2 = 23 x 12 = 276

      Unfortunately, I’m clueless about the answer to Greg’s question.  The disciples who went fishin’ after Jesus’ resurrection dragged out 153 large fish…   There were 276 occupants on Paul’s shipwreck just off Malta…    Meaningless, meaningless, saith the Preacher… (well, at least obscure…  :unsure: )  Guess I’ll just stick to Solomon’s 14th chapter summary, i.e. the “whole duty of man.”  It’s pretty straightforward. :good:   Cinco de Mayo 2019 works for me, regardless. ;-)   :yes:

      And I believe 2ndComing is proposing something like our leaving 2,520 days before Pentecost 2026 — i.e., very near the end of June this year. :yes:

      Oy vey!  :prayer-hands:

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        Thanks for letting “minnow:groan   about the common denominator formula in Algebra.  That long ago nightmare daymare class is all coming back to me now … I just couldn’t relate to Algebra and failed to do the homework assignments.  Teacher just trusted we did them and would only give out the test every 2 weeks. Soooo I had to really cram in 2 weeks of knowledge overnight.   :wacko:  Ended up with C-s but hey, it was still a passing grade. B-)    I can totally relate though with the bowling pins … great illustration! :good:  I appreciate you didn’t roll in any plastic kiddie bowling balls into the formula.

        As I looked at the John 21:11 verse closely it says “they went forth and entered into the ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing”.  My take on this is … the only fish that swim at night are “starfish” and they hideout on the bottom of the ocean floor so no wonder they caught nothing.   But in the morning … Oy Vey … 153 smelly slimy shiny rainbow trout were in their net when the Lord told them to cast their net to the right side of the ship.

        And the other verse Acts 27:37 … the only thing I get out of it is 276 people went sailing and ate delicious warm bread with some filet mignon meat so they were all of good cheer …. and made it through the rough stormy night.

        Acts 27:37  “And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks to God in presence of them all: and when he had broken it, he began to eat. Then were they all of good cheer, and they also took some meat. And we were in all in the ship two hundred threescore and sixteen souls.


        In agreement with you …not sure what the connection is between both verses. :unsure:

        Tomorrow  …. we flip the calendar to May 1st …. woohoo … inching ever so closer to Cinco de mayo!    :yahoo:

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      David W. Roche

      One popular (and ancient) theory is that at the time 153 was regarded as the number of species of fish living in the Sea of Galilee.  If so, that would point to the idea that the gospel would bring in all types of people into the Kingdom of God, as the disciples were to be fishers of men.

      Sounds interesting.  Don’t know if that’s true about the variety of fish, but it might be a prophetic sign of preaching the Word to everyone, if so.

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        Aha … finally making heads and tails out of the symbolism behind the 153 number! :good:   This is starting to make sense now!!!   Thank you, David.

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