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      By home I mean heaven of course but also my RITAN home!! :heart: I’m so glad RITAN is back !!! I missed everyone on here! I have been praying lately for God to stir in me excitement again for watching for His return … I feel like it fizzled out a little bit over the past few years. This is an amazing answer to prayer! I Missed you guys :rose:


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        Hi No Fruit for Eve. Welcome back. Good to see you again.

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        Hi Yohanan :bye:  it’s been so long!! It’s so nice to be able to fellowship again and watch and wait for our Savior’s return together :rose: I’m excited to see what the Lord’s got in store for us ;-)

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          It’s been too long but I’m happy we are back in fellowship again. With all the things going on in this crazy world I just can’t imagine we’ll be waiting very long for His return. Perhaps this will finally be the year. If not, I’m so thankful this community is back together again. So many wonderful times in the past and I’m sure there will be so much more to come.

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