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      Several thoughts to share:

      1) International Peace Summit on FOT

      2) Fascinating article in depth on FOT as possible harpazo date.

      3) Day count I “stumbled on to”.  Start with assumption that Yom Kippur 2027 marks the end of 2520 days. (That would mean 75 days later would fall on start of Chanukah in 2027 at the end of 2595 days, which is 1260 + 1335).

      2520 days before Yom Kippur 2027 is 11/15/20 if I calculate correctly.  Then back off a dispensational transition gap of 57 days (grace complete, which mirrors the 57 day gap of dispensational transition from Palm Sunday to Pentecost) and that lands you on…wait for it…9/19/20 and the Feast of Trumpets!!

      Maybe we do go home FOT 2020!  Maranatha!!!

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      That Torah class article on Yom Teruah/Feast 5 is excellent. Thanks for that. :)

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      Funny, Watchmen35.  In 1) above the Hague conference is billed, “…You receive access to 6-9 exclusive interviews with world leaders and thought-leaders and change-makers in the world of peace and feminine intelligence.”  I’m glad I wasn’t responsible for writing that.  Fathom actually admitting there’s such a thing as gender, and then throwing gasoline around by implying that different genders actually differ in intelligence.  I wonder if the Hague meeting’s venue also has a glass ceiling.  :scratch: :yes:

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