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      Dear Lord, we lift up Amir to you. He gets too much hate mail and has to listen to so many hateful words. These words always hurt even when a person knows that God is on their side and he will avenge.

      I pray today that these words and hate mail do not effect Amir in the slightest, no matter how bad they get. I pray comfort and blessings on him. I pray supernatural protection for him and his family. I pray that warrior angels surround him and his family and every one in his ministry every day. I pray that donations and letters of encouragement pour on their ministry from all over the world that they will be able to have the most effective ministry and reach a lot of people. I pray for health and coping with jet lag. I pray for strength and comfort. I pray for good nights rest and excellent energy level. I pray for extra wisdom, guidance and discernment. I pray that your warrior angels protect him, his family and everyone in his ministry from the devil and his demons.

      In the name of  Yeshua.

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      well, one person told Amir that hopefully they will meet one day on the field. well I have news for you: you are going to meet the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob on the field.

      Good Luck!

      you are going to need it.

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